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90% AP

10% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Nami

Nami Laning Against

Nami Laning Against

Nami will walk up to you and use her Ebb and FlowW on herself (or on you) in attempts to poke and make the wave bounce. Do not stay in range of her so she cannot get health back via the bounce.

When you poke Nami, do not walk directly backwards as she can easily Bubble Aqua PrisonQ you. Instead, try and walk to the side.

Look to trade with Nami when her Ebb and FlowW is on cooldown as her damage output will plummet.

Nami Strategy VS

Nami Strategy VS

Invest in an Executioner’s Calling to reduce Nami’s healing on herself and her allies. This item is invaluable when the enemy has lots of sustain.

Taking down Nami first before a team fight occurs will make it really difficult for her ADC to survive because they will not have any peel or protection.

Avoid team fighting around objectives or inside the jungle as Nami’s Ultimate Tidal WaveR is rather large and if you fight in tight areas, she’s guaranteed to land multiple knock-ups.

Nami Power Spikes

Nami Power Spikes

Nami’s poke at level 1 and 2 is pretty deadly. Don’t let her bully you down at level 1 so it’s harder for her to look for the level 2 all-in.

Once Nami hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies as her Ultimate Tidal WaveR is a great tool to start skirmishes or disengage from fights. Make sure you have vision in your lane as she may use her Ultimate Tidal WaveR to set up her Jungler.

Nami is very good when she has 1 or more core healing items as she will be able to sustain and heal her allies back to full health quickly. Try to put her behind in the early game to deny these power spikes.

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