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Power Spike

Granite ShieldP
Seismic ShardQ
Ground SlamE
Unstoppable ForceR
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Malphite Strengths & Weaknesses

Can absorb a lot of damage for his team with his Passive. This allows him to be a frontline for his team while also being able to escape from death when he goes in with his Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR.

Post-six, he can set up multiple ganks for both his lane as well as other lanes with his Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR. This is highly beneficial if the lane he is ganking has some form of CC built in their kit.

He is the bane of all immobile carries, especially the ranged immobile ones. He can quite easily get on top of them and prevent them from doing anything in a fight. If Malphite goes AP, there won’t be an enemy carry for most part of the game.


Weak during the early game, especially against consistent poke damage which can prevent him from regenerating his Passive shield.

Pre-six, he is quite susceptible to poke so he will be forced to play defensively. He probably won’t be getting any ganks either due to him not having his Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR.

Proper vision control from the enemy team will prevent Malphite from catching the enemy team off-guard. This will reduce his effectiveness and will force him to find other ways to engage on the enemy team.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Malphite is Weak

Just hide in the lane brush early on and wait for enemies to come near. Once they come close, Seismic ShardQ them and run away.

Remember that you are not going to be doing anything till you hit level six. Ensure that your health is saved up so that you can all-in enemies as soon as you manage to get to level six.

Getting your Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR will allow you to do a lot more in the lane. Now you can roam and use the lane brushes to kill the enemy bot lane.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Malphite is Strong

Try to roam a lot during this phase of the game. Also, work with your Jungler when you can to ensure that you can secure picks with your Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR.

Getting your first item will help you a lot in the game. Ensure that you keep poking enemies with your Seismic ShardQ and then go in for the kill with your Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR.

Take part in as many team fights as you possibly can. This will let you kill multiple targets with your Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR, especially in clumped fights.

Late game
25+ min
Malphite is Average

Your Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR will be on an extremely short cooldown now. Use the fog of war to get picks on the enemy and kill them quickly.

Once you're done all-in'ing the enemy, make sure that you go back to your carries and protect them. This will otherwise result in your ADC dying due to assassins.

Neutral objective fights will be your bread and butter in this game. Always use the fog of war to get a multi-man knockup to ensure that your team can win the game.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Level 6 is a significant powerspike for Malphite as it allows him to unlock his true burst damage combo. Once he hits level 6, his roams become more potent, and his presence becomes daunting to the enemy.

Malphite has significantly less pressure pre-6, and he is entirely reliant on the lane brushes to not get poked out in the lane. All he can do is occasionally throw a rock at one of the enemies with his Seismic ShardQ.

Once he gets his first item component, he will deal a lot of damage with his Seismic ShardQ in the lane. This is really vital as the ability can deal a lot of poke damage and make bursting down enemies easily.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Malphite will have multiple items during this stage of the game. This allows him to be dealing a lot of damage (if he goes for AP) or soak a lot of damage if he goes for the tank build.

At level 11, Malphite will have two points in his Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR. This will reduce the cooldown of the ability and allow Malphite to have more impact.

He is perfect in team fights as he can completely zone out the enemy due to the threat of his Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR. His abilities will also let him bring added effects and utility to a team fight.

Late game25+ min

His maxed-out Ultimate Unstoppable ForceR will allow him to pick off enemies frequently. It also becomes a reliable source of picking enemies off due to the short cooldown.

Malphite is really good in late-game team fights due to his ability to disrupt enemies and zone them off. He can also set up multiple combos with his team.

Depending on which build he opts for, he will either be one-shotting the enemy backline or will be able to soak up a lot of damage while front lining for his team.

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