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Power Spike

Pix, Faerie CompanionP
Help, Pix!E
Wild GrowthR
Get everything you need for Lulu Support build! The highest win rate Lulu runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.11.
Win rate47.8%
Pick rate12.4%
Ban rate10.8%
Matches146 302-
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Lulu Runes

Support Support  Patch 13.11

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Lulu tips and tricks

When harassing at level 1 and 2, self cast your Help, Pix!E if the enemy is trading back with you. If they cannot trade back with you, cast your Help, Pix!E on them.

Always stand near your ADC as the game goes along. Do not stray too far away from them as they’ll need you to protect them.

You can use your Ultimate Wild GrowthR to stop the enemy from engaging on to you or your ADC. Right as the enemy gets on top of you, cast your Ultimate Wild GrowthR to knock them up and escape. Timing it correctly will prevent damage and also prevent CC.

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