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Power Spike

Pix, Faerie CompanionP
Help, Pix!E
Wild GrowthR
Get everything you need for Lulu Mid build! The highest win rate Lulu runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 12.22.
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Ban rate12.9%
Matches1 150-
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Lulu Strengths & Weaknesses

Lulu can keep her allies alive for a long period of time with her Help, Pix!E and Ultimate Wild GrowthR in team fights. This increases her allies ability to deal damage and survive team fights.

You have a lot of poke thanks to your GlitterlanceQ and Help, Pix!E. This can allow you to win 1v1 fights with the enemy. You can also use your Help, Pix!E to shield yourself rather than using it on the enemy.

Has tons of utility that can assist her in a plethora of scenarios. Lulu is a solid pick and can fit into plenty of team compositions.


This champion is pretty immobile and is prone to CC. If they get caught out by any CC, they will probably die.

Lulu relies on her team to carry while she provides them with heals and shields.

Lulu is a squishy champion with low hit points. This makes her pretty vulnerable and easy to kill. Picking your fights and avoiding constant trading is key to winning.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Lulu is Average

Focus on poking the enemy from range and use your GlitterlanceQ to slow them if they try to dash and catch up to you. It will allow you to scale and bully your opponent relentlessly.

Do not push up too far up in this lane without setting proper vision around. Junglers will definitely try to gank you due to how immobile you are.

You can play more liberally once you get your Ultimate Wild GrowthR. It will also let you bait enemies into diving you when you're low on health. Combined with your WhimsyW, you can quickly secure kills.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Lulu is Average

You will have your core items now, and you will be able to bully your laner relentlessly. Hold onto your WhimsyW for situations where you need to interrupt your laner. Carry on with your onslaught after that.

Use the lane brushes to your advantage in the lane to catch enemies off-guard. The best time to all-in someone will be when one of their powerful spells (like a mobility spell) is down.

Always be prepared to help your Jungler if they decide to invade the enemy Jungle or take the Rift Herald. Your Ultimate Wild GrowthR can actually save your Jungler if they get stuck in a bad situation.

Late game
25+ min
Lulu is Strong

Group up with your team during this phase of the game and ensure that you can land consistent DPS on the enemies. Your Ultimate Wild GrowthR should be saved for yourself, but exceptions are applicable if one of your carries is in danger.

Use your WhimsyW wisely during this phase of the game. That ability can completely change the outcome of a fight if you use it at a good moment. A proper moment would be to ruin a mage's full damage combo by WhimsyW 'ing them.

During neutral, objective fights, stay somewhere near your Jungler so that they don't get picked off during or before a fight. Losing crucial objectives will definitely lead to your loss if you're not careful enough.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Lulu's early game damage, combined with the utility of her spells, makes her highly dominant in the lane. She can negate all-ins almost immediately with her WhimsyW and ensure that the enemy top laner is pushed out of the lane.

Level 6 is a massive power spike. She will now annoy the enemy by completely negating assassination and burst down attempts from the enemy's end. She can use the ability to slow enemies down, especially the ones trying to escape from her.

The first item component will surely help Lulu out a lot in the lane. She can spam her abilities frequently and deal additional damage to the enemy. The lane brushes will help her immediately.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Lulu will have her core items by now. This means that her shields will be really potent, and it will become challenging for the enemy to all-in her team. Lulu's damage will be pretty great as well.

Level 11 is when Lulu becomes a real problem to deal with for the enemy team. This is because her Ultimate Wild GrowthR will now have two points and won't let her or her carries die that easily.

Lulu's effectiveness in team fights really comes into play during this phase of the game. Her WhimsyW and Ultimate Wild GrowthR will help her when dealing with enemies who like to flank and get to her backline.

Late game25+ min

Her late game is phenomenal as she can peel for her team for days. No one can come close to her team as long as her WhimsyW and Ultimate Wild GrowthR are up.

Lulu's Ultimate Wild GrowthR at level 16 is a force to reckon with. It will be challenging for the enemy team to eliminate Lulu's team due to the short cooldown of the ability, and killing Lulu will really become next to impossible.

Lulu will be full build by this time in the game. Her shielding potential will be out of the world, and she can enable her entire team if she manages to use her abilities properly.

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