Lucian·Runes for Bot

Power Spike

Piercing LightQ
Ardent BlazeW
Relentless PursuitE
The CullingR
Get everything you need for Lucian Bot build! The highest win rate Lucian runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.1.
Win rate49.4%-
Pick rate7.6%-
Ban rate3.9%-
Matches318 469-
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Lucian Runes

Bot Bot  Patch 13.1

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Lucian tips and tricks

If the enemy has CC or engage tools, think twice before using your Relentless PursuitE as you’re vulnerable while it’s on cooldown.

Get level 2 first which is the first minion wave followed by 3 melee minions on the second wave. Use your level advantage to play aggressive and get an early health advantage.

After using any ability, try to auto-attack before using your next ability. Thanks to your Passive, you will shoot twice which will help you when trading.

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Every combo you need to master the champion!

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