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90% AP

10% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Karma

Karma Laning Against

Karma Laning Against

Make sure you’re always stood behind the minion wave so Karma cannot use her Inner FlameQ on you. Stand behind the minions but not close to them as her Inner FlameQ is an AOE ability.

When Karma uses her InspireE, she will be vulnerable to attack. A good time to play aggressively is when she has used it to speed herself or her ADC up.

Karma has her Ultimate MantraR at level 1, so she will be quite strong up until level 6. If you are strong at level 6, you will be stronger than her once you both hit level 6.

Karma Strategy VS

Karma Strategy VS

Karma may leave her team to ward alone. Try and catch her out of position by setting up an ambush and then take the Baron or Dragon while she’s dead.

If Karma uses her empowered Inner FlameQ when trying to poke, you should use the cooldown to start a team fight. When Karma’s Ultimate MantraR is down, she cannot give her team a huge shield InspireE which will make fighting much easier.

Don’t be afraid to invest in an Executioner’s Calling. It will reduce her healing and shielding and it will make winning the team fight a lot easier.

Karma Power Spikes

Karma Power Spikes

Karma has a potent early game and is quite strong from levels 1 to 3. Try to not let her poke you too much by hiding in between the minion wave and backing off when she moves forward.

Remember that Karma has her Ultimate MantraR at level 1 and can dish out lots of damage if you’re hit by her empowered Inner FlameQ.

Karma doesn’t spike as well as other Supports at level 6 as she already has her Ultimate MantraR at level 1. You can use this to your advantage to kill her at level 6.

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