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Graves Strengths & Weaknesses

His QuickdrawE is very versatile. He can use it to reposition and close the gap between him and the enemy laner.

At level 6, his Ultimate Collateral DamageR is very strong and can allow him to execute enemies who are on low health. If he is facing a weak laner, don’t be afraid to go for the kill.

The Smoke ScreenW near-sightedness can cause mayhem for an enemy team, especially if they are clumped up together. This ability can prevent the enemy ADC from picking a target to focus on while Graves keeps pelting them with his auto-attacks.


Graves gets out scaled and unless he got ahead during the early game, it is unlikely that he will take over the game in the later parts of the game.

He is squishy and getting CC’d will get him killed really fast. This is highly beneficial for the enemy team, as they can focus him down quickly, get rid of him, and then go for neutral objectives.

The enemy laner can prevent him from dealing damage with his auto-attacks by hiding inside or behind minions. Due to Graves’ Passive, he always autos the nearest target.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Graves is Strong

Position properly around the minion wave else, your entire all-in combo will be botched, and you will get killed due to your Passive. Use your QuickdrawE to immediately reposition yourself during a duel.

Once you get your first item component, you will have an easier time dueling enemies in the lane. Use your QuickdrawE and Smoke ScreenW very carefully else, you will become a prime gank target for the enemy Jungler.

Getting your Ultimate Collateral DamageR is a massive spike for you in this lane. Use it as a finisher move for the most part but keep in mind that the knockback can be used defensively.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Graves is Average

See if you can roam around and help allies who are being bullied under their tower. You should be able to cut off the enemy's escape with your Smoke ScreenW and finish them off with your auto-attacks and QuickdrawE.

You will have your core items by now, which will make it really easy to burst down enemies. You can work with your Jungler to invade and kill targets who happen to run into you.

Setting up death brushes should allow you to one-shot targets who are roaming around aimlessly. During fights, stay near your frontline and prepare to QuickdrawE in and End of the LineQ enemies when you get a chance.

Late game
25+ min
Graves is Strong

Roaming and picking should be pretty easy for you during this phase of the game. Try to take down unsuspecting enemies in the side lane to make team fights unfair for the enemy.

You will be able to blow up enemies due to your entire build during this phase of the game. Just make sure that you don't get caught out as you are squishy and killed if CC'd during this phase.

Getting a defensive item should benefit you a lot. It will counter your squishiness and allow you to make more aggressive plays overall. Make it a point to use the fog of war and get free kills on the enemy when possible.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Graves is not quite strong during the early game because the enemy can use the minions to block his attacks. He can compensate for that by consistently thinning out the wave and using his Smoke ScreenW in a way that he can reposition himself properly to attack his laner.

Once he gets to level 6, he will have unlocked a huge finishing move. It can take out multiple targets with utmost ease should he go for the lethality build. The ability also provides him a means to escape when his QuickdrawE is down.

Graves will get a decent power spike once he gets his first component. It will increase his dueling potential, and he will be close to the phase where he can practically one-shot anyone.

Mid game15 - 25 min

His first ability will be maxed out at level 9, which will help Graves bolster his overall burst damage when fighting with enemies. He will be able to clear minions very quickly.

Due to his items, he will have a lot of kill pressure during the mid-game. His Smoke ScreenW and QuickdrawE will also let him catch enemies off-guard, and he can kill them very quickly due to his Passive. This will be applicable majorly to objective and clumped fights.

At level 11, Graves will have two points in his Ultimate Collateral DamageR. It means that the potential of that ability finishing off low health enemies increases drastically, especially if he is going for the lethality build.

Late game25+ min

Graves deals a lot of damage to any target during this phase due to his Passive and items. It is a significant power spike for him, which can very well allow him to single-handedly carry a game.

Once he gets three points in his Ultimate Collateral DamageR, now low health enemy on the map will be safe. He can just dash in, auto an enemy twice, and then use his Ultimate Collateral DamageR to finish them off. Using the fog of war to do so is a great way to pick targets.

At level 13, Graves will be able to deal a lot of burst damage and play circles around the enemy due to his maxed out End of the LineQ and QuickdrawE. In addition, it will give him an excellent dueling advantage.

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