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Gangplank · Counters




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

25% AP

75% AD

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Top  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Gangplank


Gangplank Laning Against

Try to shut down Gangplank early with the help of your Jungler. Gangplank will eventually outscale you in the progress of the game, so putting him behind will make it harder for him to take over the map.

Don't engage with melee trades when Gangplanks Passive is up. It will help him win trades, so wait for him to use it on a minion before looking to fight.

Wait for Gangplank to blow up his Barrels Powder KegE before looking to fight. If he has one placed in a nearby bush or has one under him, wait for it to blow before looking to fight.


Gangplank Strategy VS

In team fights, try to destroy his Barrels Powder KegE before he can blow them up. This will reduce his AOE damage and his ability to win fights.

Try to avoid fighting in areas that are tight like around objectives or in the Dragon as his Ultimate Cannon BarrageR will hit your whole team. Fight in lanes rather than in the jungle and make sure you’re not grouped closely together.

Whenever Gangplank has his Ultimate Cannon BarrageR, ping your team so they know that he can impact skirmishes.


Gangplank Power Spikes

Gangplank will always be stronger if he has a Barrel Powder KegE placed under him. Keep this in mind and try to fight him when there isn’t one.

At level 6, ping that Gangplank has his Ultimate Cannon BarrageR. It’s key that your team knows that he can use his Ultimate Cannon BarrageR to impact a fight.

Gangplank is rather weak in the early game and needs time to come online. Try and abuse his weak early game to get ahead.

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