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100% AP

0% AD

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Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.12

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general guide on how to counter Elise

Elise Laning Against

Elise Laning Against

Elise relies heavily on landing her Cocoon Cocoon / RappelE to initiate fights or ganks. If you’re nearby, you can counter gank her as she doesn’t have much to offer once her Cocoon / RappelE is on cooldown.

Elise has a lot of burst damage and can solo kill most champions in the early game. If you’re not playing a tanky champion or one with heavy CC, try not to fight her one on one.

Her Rappel Cocoon / RappelE ability allows her to drop down on any enemy target including minions and wards. It also allows her to drop tower aggro, play it safe and back when low on health.

Elise Strategy VS

Elise Strategy VS

Elise’s damage is highly dependent on her abilities. Once she uses them- she doesn’t have much to offer. Look to engage or extend skirmishes while they’re on cooldown.

Elise plays almost like an Assassin- she wants to pick off the carries with her heavy burst damage. Do not walk through un-warded areas alone if you’re unsure where Elise is during the mid and late game.

In team fights, Elise may try to Flash Cocoon Cocoon / RappelE an isolated target to start the fight. Make sure you group closely together to make it harder for her to engage and pick someone off.

Elise Power Spikes

Elise Power Spikes

It’s not impossible for Elise to gank at level 2 or 3. In fact, she is very good at it. Be prepared to gank top lane at level 3 and counter her. Remember she doesn’t have much follow up after her initial use of cooldowns.

Elise doesn’t spike at level 6 like most champions as she already has access to all of her abilities. Keep this in mind when fighting and ganking. If you’re level 6 power spike is big, make sure you exploit it and gank as often as you can.

Elise can be tricky to fight alone unless you can get the jump on her. When initiating a fight, make sure you dodge the Cocoon Cocoon / RappelE, otherwise, she will be able to 1v1 you. If she lands it, try and escape as it will be hard for you to win against her.

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