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Diana · Counters




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Diana matchups

Jungle Jungle  Patch 11.12

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general guide on how to counter Diana

Diana Laning Against

Diana Laning Against

Diana’s early game is rather weak, but she does have kill pressure on you if she is able to land her Crescent StrikeQ. If you meet her on the rift alone and she lands her Crescent StrikeQ, back off unless you can kill her.

Diana can start ganking after level 3 and will look to constantly gank post level 6 whenever her Ultimate MoonfallR is up. Keep this in mind and try to gank as often as possible to make it harder for her to impact the map when she gets around to it.

Be aware of her level 6 power spike as it is huge for her. Keep track of her early through wards and try to delay her power spike for as long as possible by taking away her camps or killing her in her jungle.

Diana Strategy VS

Diana Strategy VS

During team fights, Diana's kit offers a lot of burst damage thanks to her Ultimate MoonfallR. Try to poke her down before she engages to make it really hard for her to engage and kill anybody.

Diana's engage is pretty scripted. Ward to the side when sieging an objective so she cannot surprise your team with an all-in.

Diana is an assassin and can quite easily one-shot any squishy target walking alone through the river. Do not enter the river unless you have it warded or know where Diana is.

Diana Power Spikes

Diana Power Spikes

Diana’s core power spike is once she hits level 6 because she will have crowd control on her Ultimate MoonfallR. At this time, she will be looking to gank and will be continuing to gank whenever it’s available.

When she has finished her jungling item, be cautious when fighting her as she is able to dish out a lot of damage in the 1v1 if she is able to land her Crescent StrikeQ.

The more kills she gets the stronger she becomes. Try and counter gank as she has nothing to offer once she has blown her Ultimate MoonfallR or Crescent StrikeQ.



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