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Power Spike

Feral ScreamW
Vorpal SpikesE
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Cho'Gath Strengths & Weaknesses

Cho’Gath has great objective control and can secure every Drake with his Ultimate FeastR.

Has great sustain in the jungle thanks to his Passive.

Tons of built-in CC with his RuptureQ and Feral ScreamW. It makes him a huge threat when ganking or skirmishing with the enemy.


Cho’Gath can easily get kited by ADCs and champions with dashes in team fights. This makes it hard for him to catch out mobile champions.

If you can’t hit your RuptureQ or Feral ScreamW on a target when fighting them alone, you’re pretty much always going to lose the skirmish as you need to land these abilities to interrupt the enemy.

When you’re behind, it’s really hard for you to get back into the game as the enemy can invade you over and over again.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Cho'Gath is Weak

You will need to get your level 3 quickly so ask for a hard leash early on and quickly get to that level. Once that happens, you can start ganking with your RuptureQ.

See if you can ambush the enemy Jungler near the Scuttle Crab by using the lane brushes to hide and then RuptureQ'ing them.

Getting neutral objectives is going to be very important, especially once you get your Ultimate FeastR. Focus on the bot lane and get them to help you regularly.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Cho'Gath is Average

The mid-game should be focused on getting your core items as quickly as you can. It will amplify your damage or your damage absorption capacity depending on your build.

Always look for flanks during team fights. This will help you separate the enemy backline from the frontline and you will be able to take the squishies out of the fight quickly.

Your Ultimate FeastR can really help you during fights, especially if you manage to get into the enemy backline and Ultimate FeastR kill a major carry.

Late game
25+ min
Cho'Gath is Weak

Try to take fights around choke points. This will let you use your RuptureQ really easily and will increase your overall efficiency during the game.

You may have to adjust your gameplay depending on your lead in the game. If you're too far ahead, focus on building damage, else focus on saving your teammates.

Be a part of as many neutral objective fights as you can in this phase of the game. It will really help you get more objectives due to how your Ultimate FeastR works.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Cho’Gath cannot really gank until he hits level 6. His Ultimate FeastR can help him execute enemies, so a lot of Cho’Gaths will power farm till 6.

Cho’Gath has good objective control thanks to his Ultimate FeastR. Get every Drake with help from your team.

He is weak in 1v1’s early especially if he is caught out without his Feral ScreamW to an enemy invade.

Mid game15 - 25 min

At level 9, Cho’Gath will max out his first ability. Generally speaking, this ability is his Vorpal SpikesE.

At level 11, Cho’Gath should put the second point in his Ultimate FeastR. His kill pressure increases dramatically at this time.

He should be stronger during the mid-game as he will have earned more defensive stats thanks to using his Feast FeastR on minions and champions.

Late game25+ min

The longer the game goes, the more stacks Cho’Gath will have. This makes him quite strong in the late game.

When he hits level 16, Cho’Gath will put the third and final point in his Ultimate FeastR. He will be able to easily bite down on and execute enemies who are caught out of position by his team.

Depending on his build path, Cho’Gath will either deal a lot of damage in late game fights or be incredibly tanky.

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