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Cho'Gath · Counters




Power Spike (Early, Mid, Late)


Damage Type

75% AP

25% AD

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Top Top  Patch 11.12

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general guide on how to counter Cho'Gath

Cho'Gath Laning Against

Cho'Gath Laning Against

Constantly keep an eye on your champions position as well as his. If you keep your eye off the ball for 1 second, Cho’Gath may end up hitting you with his RuptureQ or Feral ScreamW.

Cho’Gath has a lot of sustain thanks to his Passive which restores health. Look to trade frequently or he will out sustain any damage you deal to him.

Cho’Gath will get lots of sustain through his Passive and the items he buys. Try to match his sustain by starting with Corrupting Potion and buy items like Morello or Executioner’s Calling to reduce his sustain.

Cho'Gath Strategy VS

Cho'Gath Strategy VS

Cho’Gath is a monster as the game goes on. He can easily eat an unsuspecting squishy target that is roaming through Summoners Rift alone. If you do not know where Cho’Gath is, do not walk through the river isolated or without vision.

Cho’Gath’s abilities are crucial when it comes to winning team fight. Do not group too close together so he is unable to land his RuptureQ on your whole team.

When sieging an objective like Baron or Dragon, do not start it if Cho’Gath is alive. With his Ultimate FeastR, he deals more damage than Smite, so it’s best to not take the 50/50.

Cho'Gath Power Spikes

Cho'Gath Power Spikes

Cho’Gath is powerful at level 6 as he is able to deal true damage with his Ultimate FeastR. Always take into consideration his damage output whether he is being built as a tank or full AP.

Cho’Gath becomes stronger and stronger as the game goes on. Try to shut him down to make him useless in team fights, or end the game as fast as possible so he cannot become a mega tank.

Whenever he has his Feral ScreamW or RuptureQ up, his survivability and self peel are heavily increased. Wait for him to use one of these abilities before engaging or fighting him.



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