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70% AP

30% AD

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Support Support  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank Laning Against

Blitzcrank Laning Against

Blitzcrank may try to steal or delay your Junglers first buff. A ward in the river at 1:25 is a good way of knowing if he’s going to Hook Rocket GrabQ it or not. If he shows on the ward, make sure the monster is pulled outwards so he cannot easily land his Hook Rocket GrabQ.

Never use your dash or dodge ability unless Blitzcrank has his Rocket GrabQ on cooldown. Otherwise, you’re going to be an easy target for his Hook Rocket GrabQ and it will be harder for you to dodge it.

If you’re a squishy champion or you’re without Flash or a dash, do not put yourself in unnecessary danger. Avoid pushing, playing too far forward or playing overly aggressive when Blitzcrank’s Rocket GrabQ is up.

Blitzcrank Strategy VS

Blitzcrank Strategy VS

If Blitzcrank ever misses his Rocket GrabQ in a team fight, make sure you focus him down and kill him while he’s out of position. He is quite vulnerable to CC and if you can lock him down, he’s an easy target.

Blitzcrank is rather squishy and immobile. Catch him out of position and ambush him when he goes alone to ward objectives like the Baron or Dragon.

If Blitzcrank is nowhere to be seen, he might be on the flank your team and trying to get a good Hook Rocket GrabQ. Make sure you have vision near you when sieging objectives.

Blitzcrank Power Spikes

Blitzcrank Power Spikes

Blitzcrank will play hyper-aggressive at level 2 in attempts to get an early kill or to blow your Summoner Spells. Make sure you hit level 2 before or at the same time as him which is the first wave followed by the next 3 melee minions.

Blitzcrank is useless and offers limited resources when his Rocket GrabQ is on cooldown. While it’s down, make sure you make use of his vulnerability and look to abuse the cooldown.

At level 6, Blitzcrank can deal a surprising amount of damage. Try to avoid his Hook Rocket GrabQ so he is unable to all-in you with his combo.

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