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Ban rate3.5%
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Anivia Strengths & Weaknesses

Anivia has one of the strongest Passives in the game. It can prevent her from dying which offers her tons of extra protection throughout the game.

Thanks to your Wall CrystallizeW, Anivia has a lot of utility that can protect her and her allies. It can also increase her chances of surviving in skirmishes. It is really versatile and can also block the enemy off from entering a certain part of the map.

With your Ultimate Glacial StormR, Anivia’s sieging power is incredibly strong. With lots of mana, you can constantly push the enemy into the enemies Tower and force them to stay in the lane.


Whenever Anivia’s Passive is down, she is incredibly vulnerable to an all-in. Play safer whenever it is on cooldown.

Her Flash FrostQ is easy to dodge. If she misses it, she is incredibly vulnerable to an all-in. You should only throw it out unless you are certain you can land it.

Anivia relies on mana and will need to get a Tear on her first back. This can delay her Mythic which makes her slightly weaker as the enemy will get their Mythic item before her.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Anivia is Strong

Early on, make sure that you are in complete control of the lane brushes. Try to land your Flash FrostQ from out of vision for maximum impact.

Your CrystallizeW should be used to block off the enemy's escape. Play a bit more aggressively since you have your Passive to save you from dying immediately.

Once you get your Ultimate Glacial StormR, you should have an easy time bursting down enemies with your ADC. Use the lane brushes and combine your CrystallizeW with the ability to block off the enemy's escape.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Anivia is Average

Try to roam around and impact neutral, objective fights with your CrystallizeW and Ultimate Glacial StormR. You should use your Flash FrostQ to CC multiple targets during a roam and completely cut off the enemy champions' escape.

Be the first to rotate and move to objectives like the Dragon or Rift Herald and assist your Jungler in taking them. Anivia can help take these objectives incredibly fast while zoning enemies out with your Ultimate Glacial StormR.

Make sure you have vision around your lane at all times. As you'll constantly be pushing, you need to ensure your flanks are warded, so you do not die while you're overextended and pushing.

Late game
25+ min
Anivia is Strong

Your goal will be to use the fog of war to land your CC on the enemies. Fighting in the Jungle should give you easy wins due to your CrystallizeW.

Stay with your team throughout the late game. If you're caught out of position, the enemy will decimate you very quickly, even if you have your Ultimate Glacial StormR. You need to utilize your Passive wisely in team fights to increase your chances of winning.

Try to counter the enemy teams' push and siege attempts by using your Ultimate Glacial StormR carefully. The enemy can't do anything as you will have the superior waveclear in the game.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Anivia doesn’t spike at levels 2 or 3 like most champions. This is because she is weak in the early game and needs a lot of time to come online. But, that doesn't mean landing a cheeky Flash FrostQ will not be impactful.

Once Anivia has completed her first component item, her kill pressure and ability to trade with the enemy will increase. It is not a bad option to play somewhat safe early and then play more aggressive after your first back.

Whenever Anivia’s Egg is down, you need to play somewhat safe and avoid overextending. You’re an easy target for the enemy ADC and Support if you overextend while it’s down.

Mid game15 - 25 min

During the mid-game, Anivia should have her Tear fully stacked. This will be very helpful for her as it will prevent her from running out of mana when using her Ultimate Glacial StormR.

Anivia is good in team fights, and the mid-game is usually when teams start grouping. This makes her a good mid-game champion.

Thanks to Anivia’s sustain and her Ultimate Glacial StormR, she has good control over objectives like the Baron or Dragon. Don’t be afraid to team up with your Jungler and the ADC to quietly take these objectives while your team does something elsewhere on the map.

Late game25+ min

In the late game, Anivia’s damage will be truly horrific. She will have multiple completed items, and her Ultimate Glacial StormR will deal tons of consistent damage.

Teams will continue grouping in the late game. This helps Anivia as she can land a 5 person Flash FrostQ, and her Ultimate Glacial StormR is an AOE tool. This means she can deal a lot of damage to targets if they’re grouped closely together.

In the late game, Anivia will have very short cooldowns on most of her abilities. She will be able to look for picks more frequently and secure kills with her team. Her Flash FrostQ, in particular, will be on a very low cooldown in the late game.

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