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Zoe matchups

Mid  Patch 11.8

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general guide on how to counter Zoe


Zoe Laning Against

Stand at the opposite side of the lane at all times. This will make it harder for her to land her Paddle Star!Q and Sleepy Trouble BubbleE.

Ensure that you’re always behind the minion wave and not inside it. As Zoe’s Paddle Star!Q deals AOE damage, you will take damage if you’re near the minion line.

When trading, keep an eye on what spell (if any) Zoe has picked up. If it is an aggressive spell, expect her to look for a trade. If it’s Flash, expect her to be more mobile and if it’s a defensive spell, it will be harder for you to kill her.


Zoe Strategy VS

Zoe will be looking for picks at the start of the team fight with her Sleepy Trouble BubbleE. Try to stand as far back as possible and away from her to reduce her chances of putting you to sleep.

She will be looking to delay a team fight while she tries to poke you down with her Paddle Star!Q and get picks with her Sleepy Trouble BubbleE. Forcing a fight and not letting her poke you down will make team fighting a lot easier.

Sieging towers will be difficult when Zoe is alive as she has good wave clear. Take her down first or look to take objectives when she is nowhere nearby.


Zoe Power Spikes

Zoe’s range increases on her Paddle Star!Q and Sleepy Trouble BubbleE once she hits level 6. At this time, her kill pressure will also increase. Whenever her {{championSpells.ZoeE} }is up, play safer.

Her damage output increases dramatically once she has her first item completed. She’ll also be able to clear waves very easily. Stand behind the minion wave at all times.

The longer the game goes, the stronger Zoe becomes. In particular, she is very good in the mid-game and her pick potential is incredibly strong.

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