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90% AD

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general guide on how to counter Yasuo

Yasuo Laning Against

Yasuo Laning Against

Be cautious around the minion wave as Yasuo will often use his Sweeping BladeE to dash through the minion wave to get on to you. Stand outside and away from the minion wave at all times.

If you’re playing as a ranged champion, try to use your range advantage to harass and poke him down. Do not over-commit to doing this though as he could look to turn the exchange around.

Playing around Yasuo’s Windwall Wind WallW will make killing him a lot easier. If you can, try to bait this ability out before committing to the all-in.

Yasuo Strategy VS

Yasuo Strategy VS

Avoid grouping too closely if the enemy has multiple knock-ups as it will allow Yasuo to get a really good Ultimate Last BreathR off. Grouping but not standing on top of each other will reduce the effectiveness of his Ultimate Last BreathR.

Do not fight inside the jungle as it will make it easier for Yasuo to land his Tornado Steel TempestQ knock up and follow it up with his Ultimate Last BreathR. Fighting in the open will make team fighting more effective for your team.

CC is your best friend in team fights. Locking him down with CC will make it very difficult for him to stack his Steel TempestQ, dash with Sweeping BladeE and inevitably use his Ultimate Last BreathR. Try to CC him as quickly as possible and take him down.

Yasuo Power Spikes

Yasuo Power Spikes

Yasuo is really strong once he has 100% crit chance. Thanks to his Passive, he can get to this stage quite quickly.

Once Yasuo is level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate Last BreathR, his kill pressure increases. You should play respectfully whenever his Ultimate Last BreathR is up as he can quite easily kill you.

Yasuo is really good in team fights if he is picked in a team with multiple knock-ups. Avoid grouping too closely otherwise, he could get a 5 person Ultimate Last BreathR off.

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