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95% AP

5% AD

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Mid Mid  Patch 11.15

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general guide on how to counter Malzahar

Malzahar Laning Against

Malzahar Laning Against

Malzahar isn’t very strong in the early game and can be made weaker by destroying his Passive shield whenever it comes up. As soon as he gets it, pop the shield so he has to play even safer.

Malzahar will be looking to push the wave constantly once he has an item. Avoid standing inside the minion wave at all times so he cannot poke you and push at the same time.

Once Malzahar hits level 6, you’ll have to play more respectful as he will tend to get ganks once his Ultimate Nether GraspR is up. Whenever he has his Ultimate Nether GraspR up, make sure you have wards in the river so you can spot the Jungler before they get to your lane.

Malzahar Strategy VS

Malzahar Strategy VS

In team fights, make sure no one on your team is too far forward as Malzahar may try and catch someone out of position with his Ultimate Nether GraspR.

When sieging objectives or backing off from a fight, watch your positioning as you may walk into Malzahar’s Call of the VoidQ which can be devastating to your health bar.

As soon as Malzhar focuses a champion with his Ultimate Nether GraspR, try to CC him so the channel is cancelled.

Malzahar Power Spikes

Malzahar Power Spikes

Malzahar isn’t very strong in the early game. You can abuse this by poking him down and forcing him to recall early.

Once Malzhar hits level 6, his kill pressure increases thanks to his Ultimate Nether GraspR. Make sure you keep the river warded so you can spot his Jungler before they gank your lane as Malzhar isn’t really able to kill anyone alone.

Once Malzahar gets an item, his ability to push the wave will become obnoxious. Try your hardest to push the wave back as much as possible so he is unable to roam for free, or take your Tower early.

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