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90% AD

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general guide on how to counter Caitlyn

Caitlyn Laning Against

Caitlyn Laning Against

Take note of the in-game audio- you can hear when Caitlyn places her Yordle Snap TrapW. If you can’t see where the Trap Yordle Snap TrapW has been placed, it’s probably behind your tower. Stay away from your tower when you’re being pushed in.

Try and stay at max range away from Caitlyn at all times. This is especially true when Caitlyn has her empowered auto-attack ready to fire. If she is holding her empowered auto, wait for her to use it before moving forward.

Caitlyn will be looking to push and take your tower early. Don’t let her poke you down by sacrificing CS for health and XP. When she is overextended, request assistance from your Mid laner or Jungler to help you shut her down.

Caitlyn Strategy VS

Caitlyn Strategy VS

Caitlyn has limited self peel outside of her 90 Caliber NetE. Whenever she is overextended with her 90 Caliber NetE on cooldown, you should look to take her down. If she is not using her 90 Caliber NetE and is playing safe, you could try a Flash engage or ambush her from inside a bush.

An enemy Caitlyn can dish out a lot of damage in a team fight if she is left unchecked. Try to focus her down as soon as possible so she is unable to dish out lots of damage. If she is being protected, try to flank her.

Punishing Caitlyn in the early game will reduce her ability to snowball and destroy your tower. Try and set her behind by killing her over and over with assistance from your allies.

Caitlyn Power Spikes

Caitlyn Power Spikes

Caitlyn will spike when she has two items. Respect her all-in damage as she can easily kill you if you disrespect her damage output.

Whenever Caitlyn has her empowered auto-attack ready and primed, you need to play safe so she doesn’t use it on you. Wait for her to consume it before engaging.

At level 6, Caitlyn can execute an enemy with her Ultimate Ace in the HoleR. Do not overstay your welcome by recalling when you’re low. Try and recall out of vision so she can’t use it on you.

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