LoL Tier List 10.1: ADC, Jungle, Top, Support and Mid Meta Picks

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Tier List Methodology

Every patch, our experts curate a predictive tier list for climbing solo queue based recent buffs, nerfs, and trends.

We rate champions as Optimal (S-tier), Great (A-tier), or Good (B-tier) based on their ability to perform in the current meta. Champions are also given a skill floor difficulty rating to indicate how much of a time investment is needed to see positive results.

If a champion isn’t on our tier list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t climb with them. You’ll just have to put in more effort to get similar results as our Optimal, Great, and Good choices for climbing.

To learn more about our methodology, check out our blog article.

List for Climbing Solo Queue

Best Meta Champions

All skill floors

“Mordekaiser has been a staple in top lane for quite a few patches now. In 10.1 he’s getting nerfed but it’s important to know that he’s still an amazingly consistent champion specifically in lower brackets.

The nerfs are also more focused toward his ranged matchups so he should still be about the same in the melee matchups of top lane.

If you’re wondering what to play going into the new season, Mordekaiser will be the old reliable that gets you wins and smashes opponents that are busy trying out new strats. “ - prohibit unranked

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“Elise has been the best early game AP Pick for jungle for over a few patches now. Elise provides nasty pick potential and dive potential that will allow for aggressive early game junglers to thrive in Season 10.

I highly recommend for junglers to abuse Elise if Olaf is banned. For jungle pathing consider Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red (Smite) > gank/invade as her solo target clearing can be maximized fully.“ - Flaress DIAMOND IV

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“Rumble mid has been a thing for a little while now but going into Season 10 it’s one of the strongest pocket pick mid laners around.

His lane phase is extremely good. Being mana less, he can push and poke endlessly, containing the enemy mid and dealing some good damage.

Rumble’s items are relatively cheap but grant huge boosts in power which is even more ideal after the dragon changes.

Fights break out more contesting these objectives and a well placed Equalizer is more than enough to burn through an entire team.

Rumble relies on generating big early leads through raw damage, securing Rift Herald and dragons, hoping for that early Dragon Soul before his base values start to fall off.“ - Morïarty DIAMOND II

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“Even with the nerfs coming in patch 10.1, Aphelios is in a good spot to completely dominate the start of the season. His lane phase should remain relatively untouched and extremely strong with how much setup and damage he can bring with the triple Q combo.

His biggest weakness is a lack of mobility but during the lane phase this can be managed easier and the support can do more to protect him. Plus, if you’re always fighting and killing the enemy bot lane, you can’t really get caught out in the first place.

This early damage can lead to a great mid game. His 1v5 potential will be lower after the nerf to Infernum’s ultimate doing less damage to secondary targets, but as long as you can avoid getting caught your damage output is still extremely high.“ - ρhy unranked

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“Nami has always been a strong support and was sitting in S tier for a large portion of our Season 9 tier list. With the buffs to her E, she will be back into the S tier roster with no worries in Season 10.

She is a lane bully who has the benefit of healing and dealing damage. She is really good into utility and pretty good against mages, but she does struggle against hard engage.

Be really careful when looking to poke – trying to harass the enemy when they’re missing an ability or are out of position. With that in mind, always keep an eye on your own positioning when trying to harass so the enemy doesn’t turn the exchange around, especially against champions like Thresh, Blitzcrank, Alistar or Rakan.” - PicklePants unranked

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