proving grounds
co-streaming policy

  • Co-streaming is defined as rebroadcasting the content from a current stream while adding live commentary and/or video.
  • Only LCS and Academy team members, specific broadcast partners, and NA/OCE LPP members will be permitted to co-stream live Proving Grounds games. The LCS reserves the right to extend invites for participation in the co-streaming program to other streamers or broadcast partners with the express written consent of LCS management.
  • If you choose to include a guest in your co-stream, that guest must also follow the guidelines of the co-streaming program at all times. Guests cannot publish content from the co-stream to their own channel unless they are an approved partner, LCS or Academy player, or in NA/OCE LPP.
  • Co-streaming is only available in English at this time on the following live platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Caffeine. The LCS Management team reserves the right to make language and platform exceptions at any time.
  • Proving Grounds sponsors, sponsored segments, or stitched commercials may not be altered or covered in any way. Do not disparage League sponsors.
  • Co-streamer sponsors may be used assuming (i) they do not conflict with Proving Grounds sponsors; and (ii) they are not on the Restricted Sponsorship List (Drugs, Liquor, Pornography, Gambling). All co-streaming of live Proving Grounds games must comply with , , and the terms of service on your respective streaming platform.
  • All co-streamers must provide viewership data to the LCS for the time they are co-streaming any Proving Grounds broadcast. Note: this is automated by a third party, so this will not be necessary to provide unless specifically requested.
  • Please be responsible, and respectful. LCS reserves the right to remove access to the co-stream program at any time.