Class Item


Stats Priority


Conditional FinalityExotic Shotgun

A great single target weapon that can deal good burst damage and deal with Champions.

Izanagi's Burden and Arbalest are good alternatives.


Fallen SunstarExotic Helmet

Ionic traces will move faster to you and give you extra ability energy. When near teammates they will also gain ability energy when you collect them.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to spam your abilities all the time and jolt everything on the battlefield.

Targets are jolted from your grenade, melee, and voltshot weapon perk. Defeating jolted targets or defeating enemies with your arc abilities will grant Ionic Traces. These will refill all of your abilities and what allows you to spam them. Fallen Sunstar will help buff that by granting more energy and providing energy for your allies. Spamming your abilities also means you will have Healing Rifts that grants Arc Souls for you and your teammates as well.

All of the seasonal artifact perks really help out with that background of this build. Electric Armor will give you damage resistance when amplified and Amped Up will make that amplified last longer. Thunderous Retort will give you bonus super damage while amplified while Lightning Strikes Twice will give you passive grenade recharge that can be reproced. Finally Shock And Awe will make it so you call down a jolting strike from time to time when getting arc kills.

Spark Of Magnitude will make your Pulse Grenade last longer and Spark Of Shock gives that grenade the ability to jolt targets. Spark Of Ions will make extra Ionic Traces on jolt kills and that will pair with Electrostatic Mind which also makes Ionic Traces (Arc Soul can proc it too). Finally Spark Of Resistance will give you some more damage reduction when surrounded by enemies as well.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use your class ability to grant an Arc Soul
  2. Use your grenade and melee to proc jolt
  3. Pick up Ionic Traces you make to refill your abilities
  4. Spam abilities all the time/don’t be scared to use them
  5. Support your team with Arc Souls, Healing Rifts, and ability energy 24/7
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