Class Item

Stats Priority


Rufus's FuryLegendary Auto Rifle

As a Strand weapon, this auto has a chance of creating Threading on a kill from Thread of Rebirth. This weapon can also roll with Demolitionist and Hatchling to create a Threadling on precision kills and is reloaded when using Grapple.


SwarmersExotic Leg Armor

Another means of Threadling creation when destroying a Tangle. With this exotic Threadlings will unravel targets, which damages nearby enemies.

How it Works

The build revolves around the creation and utilization of Threadlings. The first way to create Threadlings is via Grapple. After grappling a short duration, a powered melee can be activated which deals bonus damage, gives super energy, creates an Orb of Power on a kill, and spawns three Threadlings. Healing Rift will also create three Threadlings when cast. Weapons create Threadlings as well on Strand weapon final blows through the Thread of Rebirth Fragment. The final means of Threadling creation is from the super Needlestorm that has Threadling remnants that become perched after use.

All of the Threadlings that are created are buffed by the Swarmers boots which make Threadlings unravel targets and Thread of Evolution Fragment which makes Threadlings travel further and deal more damage, this damage bonus even applies to Needlestorm's damage.

The other Fragments in use are Thread of Generation which regenerates Grapple for all damage dealt, and Thread of Warding which gives Woven Mail, a 60% damage reduction buff, when picking up an Orb of Power. Orbs of Power are created from Strand weapon kills via Strand Siphon as well as two Orbs of Power from a Grapple Melee kill which counts as both a melee and grenade kill. The other benefits of picking up an Orb of Power are gaining 10% grenade energy, 4% class ability energy, and 70 health.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Grapple Melee into an enemy to create an Orbs of Power, reduce super cooldown on a kill, and spawn three Threadlings
  2. Cast a Healing Rift to create three more Threadlings
  3. Utilize Rufus' Fury which create more Threadlings on a kill and will unleash perched Threadlings on enemies which unravel enemies.
  4. Utilize Arcane Needle on higher health targets to unravel them
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