Class Item

Stats Priority


RiptideLegendary Fusion Rifle

Any fusion rifle that has Chill Clip is good in this slot for its overall strength and to stun Overload and Unstoppable Champions if needed.


Felwinter's HelmExotic Helmet

Finishers and melees create an explosion that blinds and debuffs enemies by 30% for 5-20 seconds depending on the enemy killed. This will also play into the fragments Echo of Cessation to make enemies volatile on finish and Echo of Obscurity to make you invisible on a finisher.

How it Works

The point of this build is to always debuff everything! You have your melee and finishers doing it with your exotic helmet pairing. When finishing and enemy you will be granted and overshield, heal to full, and go invisible. After the enemy is finished they will blind, weaken, and make everything volatile that is around that enemy. All while that is going on void breaches are being made to help keep your class ability up so you can spam Child of the Old Gods. On top of that, your Devour is always active you help with survivability and grenade regen. Scatter is the choice just to help secure some kills on tougher enemies.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get enemy weak with weapons
  2. Finish or melee that enemy
  3. If finished go invisible, heal to full, and grant an overshield
  4. Weaken, blind, and volatile all enemies around
  5. Kill everything and collect void breaches
  6. Use your rift for more weaken effects from Child of the Old Gods
  7. Repeat! Each time you finish you get all the buffs and debuffs happening!
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