Rest's Blinding Bandit



Rest's Blinding Bandit
Rest's Blinding Bandit

Arc Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item

Stats Priority


ArbalestExotic Linear Fusion Rifle

Special weapon that deals with Barrier Champions


Vesper of RadiusExotic Chest Armor

Placing a rift will cause an arc shockwave to pulse from the rift until it’s depleted. The shockwaves will blind enemies, but if it kills them they will create a blinding explosions. You gain greatly increased class ability cooldown rate when surrounded by enemies.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to blind everything on the battlefield.

You can achieve this from your class ability, grenade, and special weapon. Your rift will have the ability to blind enemies because of your exotic the Vesper Of Radius. Your grenade can blind enemies because you will be running the flashbang grenade which inherently has a blind effect to it. Finally your special weapon can blind enemies with the fragment spark of beacons so arc special weapon final blows will make a blinding explosion.

To spam abilities repeatedly, the aspect electrostatic mind creates ionic traces when defeating blinded and jolted targets. Picking up the ionic traces will grant ability energy to all of your abilities. You can further spam your class ability because of the aspect arc soul. Not only will this give you an arc buddy that can put out a lot of damage but it will also reduce the cooldown of your rift when standing near teammates. Pairing that with the Vesper Of Radius and the fragment spark of focus you can have unlimited blinding rifts whenever you want. Since you can spam your class ability armor mods like dynamo, bomber, and utility kickstart are extremely strong.

Other things to round out the build are things like the fragment spark of shock to make your flashbang grenade not only blind enemies but also jolt them as well. With one grenade you can stun unstoppable champions (blind) and overload champions (jolt). The final fragment is spark of resistance to gain damage reduction when near enemies. You will always be near enemies with the build to its aggressive playstyle so this is a must to take.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Look for a group of enemies and use you rift on them to blind them
  2. Use your glaive to melee kill everything you blinded
  3. Become amplified by picking up an ionic trace
  4. Use your arc special and flashbang grenade to blind enemies
  5. Stay in the heat of battle and near teammates to spam your rift over and over again
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