Plunder's The Suspending Sin



Plunder's The Suspending Sin
Plunder's The Suspending Sin

Strand Warlock build for PvE by Plunderthabooty











Class Item

Stats Priority


Nessa's OblationLegendary Shotgun

Weapon Perks: Repulsor Brace & Destabilizing Rounds


Nezarec's SinExotic Helmet

Although this is a Strand Subclass build, this exotic activates on Void kills. The weapons used are Void and will continuously proc this exotic keeping your abilities up at all times.

How it Works

This Strand Warlock Build Boast some of the best survivability on Strand because we combine the Damage reduction from Woven Mail with the Void Overshield's Damage Reduction. All while adding healing to the build to make sure we can survive in difficult content. On top of that we have some of the best crowd control in the game with Weaver's Trance where every kill will suspend targets around it and we can also just use the Shackle Grenade when needed because we always have our grenade ability available. The reason we have it is because of our Exotic Nezarec's Sin. This procs on any Void weapon kills regardless of what class you're using and we can get some insane ability regen and super regen from this Exotic.

We also have Thread of Mind and Thread of Generation feeding our class ability and our Grenade ability. Then while adding in the correct mods to loop abilities even further just means you have abilities coming back left and right as long as you're using them and killing enemies. So needless to say you're about to be a Suspending Monster, throwing Melee's left and right and casting rifts for those Threadlings. All while being able to survive the most Difficult content in the game.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume Shackle Grenade to activate Weaver's Trance
  2. Cast your Rift to Spawn Threadlings and Proc the Reaper Mod and Bomber Mod
  3. Throw your Empowered Melee to add the Unraveling Debuff and Proc the Focusing Strike and Impact Induction Mods
  4. Start using Your Void Weapons to proc Volatile and Repulsor Brace
  5. After you kill your first enemy, go grab the Orb of Power you made off it
  6. This Procs Woven Mail's 60% Damage Reduction and Recuperation for a nice Heal
  7. All of this is happening while your Exotic Nezarec's Sin is procing off Void Kills, giving you 300% Grenade and Melee Regeneration and 200% Super and Class ability
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