Class Item

Stats Priority


ColdheartExotic Trace Rifle

Coldheart provides free Ionic Traces just for shooting an enemy, this plays perfectly into the exotic armor piece, Fallen Sunstar, for easy access to Ionic Traces without needing an ability.


Fallen SunstarExotic Helmet

Fallan Sunstar is the best Exotic for Arc Warlocks because it gives such a huge return on ability energy just from Ionic Traces which are made all the time. Plus nearby allies also gain ability energy when you collect Ionic Traces so you're helping the team as well.

How it Works

This Build combines a ton of artifact mods for Arc Warlocks to make them shine in season 21. The best part is probably the extra damage resistance obtained while being amplified, and on the Arc warlock you will always have amplified up. The Fallen Sunstar Exotic makes Ionic traces give close to 30% ability energy to all 3 abilities and gives that ability energy to fireteam members as well!

Combine this with Coldheart to create on demand Ionic Traces and it works like a charm! The gameplay in the accompanying Youtube video is 27 power level under the recommended, and as you can see it can go toe to toe with Overload champions. This build is all about spamming all 3 abilities back to back and watching the Arc lightning take over your screen!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Pulse Grenade to Jolt a high health target
  2. Activate a Healing Rift and gain an Arc Soul
  3. Then use your amped up melee for more damage
  4. Use Coldheart to finish off anything you see like a champion
  5. Repeat this loop of abilities and then fire Coldheart to have your grenade back
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