One Man Army

One Man Army
One Man Army

Strand Warlock build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


The ImmortalLegendary Submachine Gun

Any Strand weapon of preference as a primary works to synergize with Thread of Rebirth.

This SMG is great for closing in on and finishing targets tagged by Threadlings.


SwarmersExotic Leg Armor

The main allure of using Swarmers in this build is that they make Threadlings Unravel targets for additional damage. This pairs well with Thread of Continuity to extend Unravel duration.

How it Works

The general playstyle of this build is to amass an army of Threadlings to send onto an enemy, making them very easy to run down. Threadlings are buffed by the Thread of Evolution Fragment to make them deal more damage and travel further as well as the Swarmer exotic boots which make them Unravel targets. The Unravel duration is extended by Thread of Continuity to make an enemy take more overall damage from getting hit by a Threadling, and they will be easier to clean up.

To create Threadlings cast Rift or consume your Threadling Grenade. To deploy the Threadlings, cast rift or damage an enemy. Once an enemy is pursued by the wave of Threadlings, chase them down as they will not be able to fight both a rushing enemy and a wave of Threadlings.

The Immortal is a good weapon to use to run down enemies and Round Robin is a good weapon to tag enemies from afar for a safer playstyle to pair with a close range weapon when getting aggressive. Strand weapons are preferred because they have a chance to create a Threadling on a kill with Thread of Rebirth.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume Threadling Grenade to create 5 perched Threadlings
  2. Cast Rift to create 3 more Threadlings and deploy all perched Threadlings
  3. If Threadlings return as perched or Rift is on cooldown, deal weapon damage to deploy Threadlings to a target
  4. Rush an enemy who is dealing with Threadlings