Mactics' Verity' Brow



Mactics' Verity' Brow
Mactics' Verity' Brow

Solar Warlock build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


Retraced PathLegendary Trace Rifle

Solar weapons are essential for this build. A solar weapon with the perk Demolitionist is ideal as it will grant Death's Throes and regenerate some grenade energy on a kill.


Verity's BrowExotic Helmet

The new grenade spam exotic. Verity's Brow will gain a stack of Death Throes for a weapon kill that matches your subclass element. Each stack will grant a 50% bonus base grenade recharge rate and 20% increase to grenade damage.

How it Works

Verity's Brow allows for increased grenade uptime and damage just through landing solar weapon final blows. The benefits of solar weapon final blows is increased even more so with the use of Ember of Empyrean, which will extend the timers of Radiant and Restoration on a solar weapon kill. To activate Restoration, use Phoenix Dive, and to become Radiant for a weapon damage bonus, hit a target with a melee due to the use of Ember of Torches. Allies will become Radiant as well, giving you a boost to class, melee, and grenade regeneration rates from Ember of Benevolence.

When running this build your teammates will love you as well because of Verity's Brow Feel the Flames buff. When using a grenade near allies they will receive a 1000% grenade recharge rate buff, allowing them to quickly get their grenade back. The Feel the Flames buff can be stacked with multiple people all using this exotic as well.

The mods round out this build by allowing Orb of Power generation on two solar weapon kills, grenade kills, and kills after casting Phoenix Dive. Orbs will heal, give grenade energy, and build armor charge. The build utilizes gained armor charge stacks through Grenade Kickstart for recycling grenades quicker.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Phoenix Dive to proc Restoration
  2. Land a melee hit with Celestial Fire to become Radiant
  3. Get a solar weapon kill to reset the timers of Restoration and Radiant as well as activate the Death Throes buff for increased grenade damage and regeneration rate
  4. Throw grenades while near teammates to give them grenade regeneration rate buffs
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