Mactics' Sunbracers



Mactics' Sunbracers
Mactics' Sunbracers

Solar Warlock build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


CALUS Mini-ToolLegendary Submachine Gun

Any Solar weapon is viable as it will extend the Restoration timer from Ember of Empyrean on a solar weapon kill. Mini-Tool has access to Incandescent which spreads Scorch stacks that are increased from Ember of Ashes.


SunbracersExotic Gauntlets

After a powered melee kill 5 Solar Grenades can be thrown indefinitely for 5 seconds. There is a 5 second window to begin this effect after the melee kill. This mechanic is what makes this build great for DPS and area control. This exotic also makes Solar Grenades last longer and intrinsically gives Fastball.

How it Works

The main offensive piece of this build is in the Solar Grenades in combination with Touch of Flame and Sunbracers. Solar Grenades have extended duration, spew lava for extra damage, are thrown further with built-in Fastball, and 5 grenades can be thrown back to back in a 5 second window after a powered melee kill. These grenades will apply Scorch which will return Rift energy via Ember of Singeing, return melee energy from Bolstering Detonation, as well as create Orbs of Power and create super energy on a kill from Firepower and Ashes to Assets.

To activate the Sunbracers all that is needed is a powered melee kill. After the powered melee kill there is a 5 second window in which Sunbracers are ready. Once a grenade is thrown within this window, 5 grenades can be thrown for 5 seconds. These grenades can be used to clear out waves of enemies or deal single target damage to a single target that is stationary. The grenades damage does not stack amongst multiple grenades, but the lava's damage does. Because of this, to damage a single target throw the grenades at a ceiling above the target and the lava will rain down on the target.

Ember of Ashes boosts offenses by increasing the amount of Scorch stacks applied to targets. It increases the scorch from Solar Grenades from 11 to 21 stacks, the damage over time from 9 to 14, the impact of Phoenix Dive from 40 to 60, and each spark of Incinerator Snap from 20 to 30, for a total of 150 scorch stacks across all 5 sparks.

Ensuring melee energy is available is key for activating Sunbracers when desired. Ember of Searing will give melee energy and create a Firesprite when defeating a Scorched target. The other means of restoring melee energy is with kills while airborne through the Heat Rises Aspect.

The build also has good defenses as well with the use of Restoration. Phoenix Dive Cures the user and nearby allies on activation as well as activates Restoration x2 when Heat Rises is active. This only gives 3 seconds of Restoration, but it can be extended with the Ember of Empyrean Fragment by landing kills with solar abilities or a solar weapon. It is recommended to throw a grenade then use Phoenix Dive because by the time the grenade will kill the enemy, Restoration will be active and then extended. Ember of Singeing is used for 300% class ability regeneration when a target is Scorched, this ensures Phoenix Dive will be available often for healing.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume grenade to activate Heat Rises for 15 seconds.
  2. Defeat an enemy with Incinerator Snap or the ensuing Scorch to refund grenade energy and activate Sunbracers
  3. Start throwing Solar Grenades in the 5 second window while Sunbracers are active
  4. Activate Phoenix Dive to Cure, deal damage, and activate Restoration x2
  5. Extend the Restoration timer with Solar weapon or ability kills
  6. Remain airborne to extend the duration of heat rises and refund melee energy when defeating enemies
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