Mactics' Fallen Sunstar Warlock



Mactics' Fallen Sunstar Warlock
Mactics' Fallen Sunstar Warlock

Arc Warlock build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3Legendary Submachine Gun

A weapon with Voltshot is recommended to Jolt targets which will then create an Ionic Trace from Spark of Ions.


Fallen SunstarExotic Helmet

With this helmet one Ionic Trace will give 25% grenade and melee energy as well as 30% Rift energy. These traces you collect will refund 10% of nearby allies' ability energy on top of that.

How it Works

The combination of Ionic Traces and Fallen Sunstar allow the Arc Warlock to spam abilities endlessly. This helmet boosts the ability return from Ionic Traces to a refund of 25% to grenade and melee energy and a refund of 30% to Rift energy.

Ionic Traces are created by defeating a blinded or jolted target or killing an enemy with an Arc ability. It is recommended to have a weapon with Voltshot to Jolt a target on demand to create an Ionic Trace. Otherwise Pulse Grenade will Jolt targets with the Spark of Shock Fragment. This gives grenades the potential to create two Ionic Traces on a kill; this is when Spark of Ions is not on cooldown, as it can only create an Ionic Trace every 10 seconds. There is a very simple loop with this build in which Arc abilities refund themselves through the creation and acquisition of Ionic Traces.

Collecting Ionic Traces will not only refund ability energy for you and nearby allies, but it will also make you Amplified. This boosts the Arc Soul spawned in from utilizing a Rift. Arc Souls count as an Arc ability and will spawn an Ionic Trace on kill, which is very often when they are boosted. Artifact mods boost being Amplified by making it last a longer duration with Amped Up and by giving damage resistance with Electric Armor. This damage resistance buff will also stack on top of the Spark of Resistance Fragment which gives resistance when near enemies.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Cast Healing Rift and gain an Arc Soul as well as collect nearby Orbs of Power
  2. Use Arc abilities and a Voltshot weapon to create Ionic Traces from defeating targets with Arc abilities and/or defeating Jolted targets
  3. Collect the Ionic Traces to refund ability energy, become Amplified, and have a chance of gaining stacks of Armor Charge
  4. Continue to spam abilities and recast Rift as needed
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