Class Item

Stats Priority


CALUS Mini-ToolLegendary Submachine Gun

Any weapon with Incandescent fills this spot well to further spread Scorch stacks.


SunbracersExotic Gauntlets

These gloves make Solar Grenades have an increased duration, but also give a brief window of being able to throw unlimited grenades after a melee kill.

How it Works

This build is juggles between Solar Grenade and Incinerator Snap which will buff each others' cooldowns and can fully charge a Well of Radiance in 30 seconds or less. This build requires you to play in-air so it is recommended for content near your light level. This is because Heat Rises is used, and any kills while airborne will grant melee energy. Melee energy is great to have because after a melee kill, Sunbracers will grant a short duration in which unlimited Solar Grenades can be thrown. Even standard Solar Grenades are very strong with this exotic because they have increased duration and sputter lava for extra damage.

The Fragments are for healing you with Ember of Resolve, generating melee energy and a Firesprite by defeating Scorched targets with Ember of Searing, applying more Scorch stacks with Ember of Ashes, and creating an Orb of Power on Solar Ignition kills from Ember of Wonder. Orbs of Power are also created on every grenade and charged melee kill from the Firepower and Heavy Handed mods. The other mods aim to reduce super and melee cooldowns when dealing damage and killing enemies with Solar Grenades.

The weapons serve to deal more Scorch, and Witherhoard adds even more AoE damage and is very easy to get kills in the air with. Multiple Surge mods are used, and this build creates tons of orbs, meaning these solar weapons will have a constant damage buff up.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get a kill with Incinerator Snap to have access to unlimited Solar Grenades for a brief duration and create an Orb of Power
  2. Throw as many Solar Grenades as possible while airborne to spread Scorch, Ignitions, create Orbs of Power and reduce the cooldowns of Incinerator Snap and Well of Radiance
  3. If melee ability is not fully recharged, continue throwing grenades and getting weapon kills while airborne until Incinerator Snap returns
  4. Repeat this process and utilize Well of Radiance when wanted as it will charge back up very quickly
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