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Stats Priority


Osteo StrigaExotic Submachine Gun

A good primary weapon on its own; this build takes it to the next level by adding in Necrotic Grip to spread Osteo's poison damage, but also a heavy weapon containing Vorpal Weapon which will make the tick damage from Osteo last indefinitely as long as that weapon is equipped.


Necrotic GripExotic Gauntlets

These gauntlets will spread poison damage from melee attacks as well as from Osteo Striga, making these two exotics a great pairing.

How it Works

The Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip combination has been a staple since the beginning of Strand. Utilizing the unique interaction that weapons with the perk Vorpal Weapon has with Osteo Striga takes this to the next level. When tick damage from Osteo+Necrotic is dealt, swapping to a weapon with Vorpal Weapon will make this tick damage last forever as long as the weapon with Vorpal is equipped. Retrofit Escapade is utilized because it can be crafted with Vorpal Weapon.

The mods and Fragments of the build tie it all together. Void and Kinetic Siphon mods are utilized so orbs can be made from 2 Osteo or 2 Retrofit kills. Thread of Warding is utilized for damage resistance from Woven Mail from collecting the orbs that are created from weapon kills. Defenses are supplemented from Thread of Isolation which will sever enemies hit by multiple precision hits, making them deal less damage.

Void Weapon Scavenger and Weapon Surge are used to increase the ammo from pickups and damage that Retrofit does. Dealing any damage will refund Shackle Grenade energy through Thread of Generation. Shackle Grenade's consumption and general use is buffed by Thread of Continuity which will make enemies who are suspended remain suspended for a longer duration.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume Shackle Grenade to activate Weaver's Trance
  2. Kill enemies with Osteo Striga to spread poison and suspend enemeis hit by the poison explosion
  3. Swap to Retrofit Escapade to allow Osteo's poison damage to continue to tick from the Vorpal Weapon interaction
  4. Utilize Retrofit Escapade
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