Class Item

Stats Priority


Ager's ScepterExotic Trace Rifle

This weapon can easily freeze enemies, making it much easier to land Incinerator Snap to activate Sunbracers. Once Sunbracers are active, the freeze from this weapon will force targets to remain in the area of Solar Grenades.


SunbracersExotic Gauntlets

After a kill with Incinerator Snap, these gloves allow the user to throw 5 Solar Grenades in a 5 second window.

How it Works

With recent gameplay and difficulty changes, the Colonel Mustang build needed some tinkering to keep its potency. Like the previous version of the build, Mustang 2.0 is kicked off by use of the Incinerator Snap melee. This will activate the Sunbracers exotic gauntlets, allowing you to throw 5 Solar Grenades in a 5 second window while this effect is active. These grenades are buffed by the Touch of Flame Aspect, and have an increased duration and will spew lava, dealing extra damage.

The second aspect in use is flexible, but Heat Rises is the recommended of the two because of it restoring melee energy when getting kills while in-air. Melee energy is also restored by defeating scorched targets with the Ember of Searing Fragment and from using class ability via the Outreach mod.

The weakness of Incinerator Snap and Solar Grenades are made up from the freeze of Ager's Sceptor. Enemies are able to avoid this abilities, but Ager's will freeze enemies, locking them in place to be easily hit and then shattered by the two primary abilities of this build.

The mods are built around the grenade and melee abilities. Kills from either of these abilities will create Orbs of Power and give super energy. Survivability is added from collecting Orbs of Power through the use of Better Already and Recuperation. The other means of healing is through the Ember of Resolve Fragment which cures after a grenade kill.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Land a kill with Ager's Sceptor to slow and freeze nearby enemies
  2. Kill Stasis affected enemies with Incinerator Snap to create an Orb of Power, generate super energy, and activate Sunbracers
  3. Throw 5 Solar Grenades in a 5 second window while Sunbracers are activated to heal on kills from Ember of Resolve and create more Orbs of Power
  4. Continue to get kills in-air to recharge Incinerator Snap via Heat Rises to restart the combo
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