Ability Spam Arc Warlock



Ability Spam Arc Warlock
Ability Spam Arc Warlock

Arc Warlock build for PvE by BurginStarr











Class Item

Stats Priority


IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3Legendary Submachine Gun

Weapons are a preference, and any Arc weapon is what is needed to allow your abilities to cooldown faster.

A weapon such as this SMG has access to Voltshot which can Jolt targets.


Crown of TempestsExotic Helmet

The armor perk Conduction Tines allows you to not have to worry about anything when using this build. Any ability kill or jolt final blow from the arc weapons you are using will always feed back into your build allowing you to spam abilities and your super.

Conduction Tines grant the following:

1x - 175%, 2x- 350%, 3x -525% Additional Base Grenade, Melee, and Super Regeneration Rate

How it Works

This build revolves around Arc ability kills which will create an Ionic Trace from the Aspect Electrostatic Mind. These will track to you making you amplified. Grenade kills will benefit from the mod Ashes To Assets to help with your super cooldown. It will also create an orb from the Firepower mod and Jolt the target because of the fragment Spark Of Shock. Grenades will last longer due to the fragment Spark Of Magnitude which will allow for better crowd control and an easier way to get the perk Conduction Tines stacks up to 3x.

In between cooldowns getting Arc weapon kills will allow you to benefit from Spark Of Discharge, creating more Ionic Traces to help with your cooldowns. This is why weapons with the perk Voltshot are really good for this build as they will allow you to keep your Conduction Tines stacks up.

Spark Of Resistance is a big part of this build due to it being all about crowd control as it will give an extra 25% damage resistance.

The aim of this build is to be able to spam your abilities and your super, so you want to make sure whenever you have an ability up that you use it to keep up your stacks of Conduction Tines to benefit from the 525% additional Base Grenade, Melee, and Super Regeneration.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw Pulse Grenade to get a kill and become amplified
  2. Place down a Rift which will help with your grenade cooldown while also gaining a supercharged Arc Soul
  3. Cycling through these 2 steps over and over while using your arc weapons you will be to ability spam your way to getting a 90 second super due to the mod set up as well as Conduction Tines and Ionic Traces that track to you
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