Stasis Solo Healing



Stasis Solo Healing
Stasis Solo Healing

Stasis Titan build for PvE by K9Shiro











Class Item

Stats Priority


The LamentExotic Sword

The Lament will heal upon using a charged attack, this will add extra healing to the build.


StrongholdExotic Gauntlets

Strongholds add further healing, as using its exotic trait will grant Restoration once blocking is released based on how much damage was blocked. This allows you to charge head first into the most dangerous situations and be healed when you do so.

How it Works

The Goal of this build is to be the ultimate tank, taking and tanking all enemy aggression, freeing your teammates from tight situations.

Using the Glacier Grenades to give yourself chunks of health back from Whisper of Rime (Tectonic Harvest creates the shards needed), Whisper of Chains, and Strongholds, enemy attacks will be weakened towards you from the insanely high damage resistance. A note to mention is using a crafted aggressive frame with vorpal, you will outheal the boss in AVALON whilst been attacked by every enemy in the room. It is highly recommended that you use the barricade as it will give you 1 orb for killing an enemy, and another for a second enemy, as it takes 2 kills for a siphon mod to work.

Rushing in for attack, you must make sure you are always blocking with your sword to get chunks of health back, getting sword kills for healing from The Lament, and gathering orbs of power to fuel the solar surge and the grenade kickstart mods.

If you're in a tight spot, throw a grenade and back up to destroy the crystals from a distance. The tracking from Whisper of Conduction will still heal you with the benefits to grenade recharge being activated from the other fragments.

The other Aspect Diamond Lance can also be used as a portable damage resistance crystal. This is done by throwing it at an enemy and using the Strongholds to heal. It’s like having a mini glacier grenade anywhere you go!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Rush into a room and throw a Glacier Grenade, gaining some back from the 3x Grenade Kickstart
  2. Place down your barricade to destroy some of the crystals, they'll float towards you from Whisper of Conduction, giving you an overshield from Whisper of Rime, grenade recharge from Whisper of Shards and damage resistance from Whisper of Chains.
  3. Charge ahead, using your Strongholds for huge damage resistance and healing, as you take damage you will be given further grenade energy from Whisper of Torment. You will also be given a damage increase from the Solar Surges.
  4. When your health is getting low, you can throw down a Glacier Grenade again and break the crystals using your Barricade or uncharged melee, giving you health and, depending on how many armor charges, grenade energy back with the damage resistance.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 will be your main loop, throwing grenades, and rushing into rooms.