PvE Solar Builds

Plunder's Banshee's Wail











Class Item

Stats Priority


Tractor CannonExotic Shotgun

A good tool to have during boss damage phases to weaken them with a 30% debuff for increased melee and super damage.


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

When surrounded by 3 or more enemies, Biotic Enhancements will be active which gives a 50% damage buff to Hammer of Sol and a 200% damage buff to Throwing Hammer.

How it Works

This build is designed for solo flawless dungeon clears, but can be used in group activities with a few small tweaks as well.

There is so much healing and sustain in this build that staying alive is a breeze, and with Throwing Hammer, Synthoceps, and Roaring Flames it is strong offensively as well. The focal point of the build runs through Throwing Hammer. On kills it will create an Orb of Power from Heavy Handed, create a Sunspot for healing and ability regeneration when stood in, reduces super cooldown with Hands-On, and just getting damage will reduce grenade cooldown with Impact Induction. Both the exotic gauntlets Synthoceps and Roaring Flames increase the melee damage. The former is active when surrounded by 3 or more enemies, and the latter is gained through ability kills.

If you ever lose your hammer it can be recovered easily through its cooldown with the Outreach mod when using Barricade, picking up Firesprites, defeating Scorched targets from Ember of Solace, and the increase in regeneration rate when standing in a Sunspot.

The survivability of the build comes through various means. On a Throwing Hammer kill a Sunspot is created which will heal when stood in, picking up Throwing Hammer will heal, Healing Grenade is utilized for easy access to an instant heal, and lastly if using Better Already and Recuperation Orbs of Power will heal as well. The mods of the build are flexible and can be swapped out per preference, most notably in the legs armor which can be swapped for Weapon Surge mods. The other flexible portion of the build is the Fragments, when running a group activity Ember of Searing can be swapped out for Ember of Benevolence.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Land kills with Throwing Hammer to build up stacks of Roaring Flames, create Orbs of Power, create Sunspots, and reduce super and grenade cooldowns
  2. Pick up Orbs of Power, stand in Sunspots, or utilize a Healing Grenade for healing
  3. Debuff a high health target with Tractor Cannon if it is being used
  4. Continue killing ads or dealing boss damage with Throwing Hammer and Hammer of Sol with max stacks of Roaring Flames
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