KackisHD's Strand Titan



KackisHD's Strand Titan
KackisHD's Strand Titan

Strand Titan build for PvE by KackisHD











Class Item

Stats Priority


ForbearanceLegendary Grenade Launcher

Any good wave clearing option works here. Forbearance is an example of a top weapon in the game for that role.


Abeyant LeapExotic Leg Armor

Harnesses the power of Suspend and makes Barricade Suspend more targets. Gain Woven Mail when suspending a target.

How it Works

This build is quite straightforward to play yet is fantastic in end game content because of how well it utilizes the Suspend mechanic. Barricade is the best way to Suspend targets due to the use of the Abeyant Leap exotic boots which make Drengr's Lash track more targets, and track them more aggressively. Shackle Grenade is utilized as well and is the other means of suspending targets.

When multiple targets are suspended, the use of weapons that match the selected Siphon mods and precision kills will be how this build makes Orbs of Power from double Siphon mods and Thread of Wisdom. The build utilized arc weapons as an example, but feel free to utilize any element weapons in the game, but be sure to match your helmet's Siphon and Weapon Surge mods with the element of the weapons you choose. Precision kills on suspended enemies should not be too hard to achieve because they are... floating in the air and can't move. Kills on Suspended targets will then feed back into getting your Barricade back through the Thread of Mind Fragment.

Once Orbs of Power are collected it will boost your weapon damage. These stacks of Armor Charge will go away once Barricade is used again because of Utility Kickstart. This will give more Barricade energy at the cost of losing the arc damage buff. This build can make orbs so easily that it is worth having Barricade available more often.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Cast Barricade to Suspend multiple enemies
  2. Kill suspended targets with weapons to create an Orb of Power and get class ability from Thread of Mind
  3. Collect Orb(s) of Power for a boost to weapon damage
  4. If Barricade is not available, throw Shackle Grenade to Suspend more targets
  5. Repeat steps 2-3
  6. Repeat steps 1-5
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