PvE Solar Builds

Plunder's Banshee's Wail











Class Item

Stats Priority


Tractor CannonExotic Shotgun

Used to weaken debuff enemies by 30% so they can be damaged down by Throwing Hammer more quickly.


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

When surrounded by enemies your Throwing Hammer will do increased damage when paired with this exotic.

How it Works

You can get through the majority of the content without using any weapons with this build. Throwing Hammer is the main tool for add clear and damage because it spawns an Orb of Power which will heal you, a Sunspot which will heal you and recharge abilities faster, and give grenade energy on hits.

It is recommended to use your Throwing Hammer in melee range to not lose it and get the cooldown back immediately. If you do happen to lose your Throwing Hammer, perform finishers on enemies to get it back with the One-Two Finisher Mod.

The Survivability of the build is amazing despite gameplay taking place within 5 feet of enemies because of Sunspots, creating Orbs of Power endlessly on hammer kills, and activating Restoration from Firesprites.

Even though you can get by without actually using weapons, Tractor Cannon is recommended to debuff high health targets so your hammer does more damage.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Throwing Hammer to create an Orb of Power, spawn a Sunspot, recharge Fusion Grenade, and become Radiant
  2. Throw Firebolt Grenades to Scorch targets
  3. Defeat Scorched targets to create a Firesprite
  4. Pick up Firesprite to activate Restoration and get ability energy
  5. Shoot high-health targets with Tractor Cannon to debuff them
  6. Use Throwing Hammer and Fusion Grenade to kill high health target