Class Item

Stats Priority


Monte CarloExotic Auto Rifle

The ABSOLUTE best primary weapon for melee-focused builds. This weapon's intrinsic exotic perk states that dealing damage with this weapon reduces melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill.


An Insurmountable SkullfortExotic Helmet

The core of the entire build. Having this exotic helm equipped allows you to spam everyone's favorite Arc melee ability in the game, Thunderclap!

For as long as you keep getting final blows with Thunderclap, you WILL continue to use Thunderclap!

The helmet allows this to happen due to its intrinsic exotic perk Transfusion Matrix, stating that Kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy.

How it Works

The Thunder Taker Arc Titan is all based around Thunderclap. When you don't have it to coat the entire battlefield in Arc Energy, you have the tools necessary to generate the melee energy for it as fast as humanly possible!

The Thunderclap Charged Melee Ability is essential for not only generating tons of Orbs of Power due to Heavy Handed, but also generates tons of Super Energy due to the Hands-On mod on your helmet.

Pulse Grenade is also a great tool for its increased functionality from the Touch of Thunder Aspect in scenarios when you do not have Thunderclap to quickly kickstart ability regeneration. With Touch of Thunder, Pulse Grenades periodically create Ionic Traces and as it damages targets and it increases in damage over time. When picked up, Ionic Traces generate ability energy.

Every part of the build is used to not only generate energy for the Thunderclap melee ability, but to also get super back fast!

Since you will be generating crazy amounts of Orbs of Power and getting so many melee final blows on combatants, you will be getting our Thundercrash back VERY quickly!

Gameplay Loop
  1. If encountering minor level enemies, use Thunderclap to rack up Orbs of Power from final blows
  2. If encountering enemies with larger health pools, open the fight with Pulse Grenade to leech Ionic Traces from the combatant as its damage increases with each pulse. Once the enemy's health is low enough, finish him with Thunderclap to generate more Orbs of Power.
  3. If encountering enemies without Thunderclap, throw Pulse Grenade on targets to generate Ionic Traces and deal damage with Monte Carlo and/or Iterative Loop with Pugilist to generate melee energy to Thunderclap your foes.