Class Item

Stats Priority


Quicksilver StormExotic Auto Rifle

Quicksilver Storm is the PERFECT primary weapon for ANY Strand build. It is especially good for this build due to the fact that is can also create Tangles. (Quicksilver Storm Catalyst - This weapon's damage type becomes Strand. Final blows with grenades from this weapon create Tangles).

Note: Quicksilver Storm does A LOT of damage, even in end-game content! The damage from it's exotic perk Grenade Chaser will surprise you!


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

The Synthoceps Titan Exotic Gauntlets are essential for allowing you to apply big damage to groups of enemies or enemies with larger health pools, especially when you are surrounded!

Being surrounded by enemies activates the exotic perk Biotic Enhancements on Synthoceps, which increases melee damage. This is perfect for grapple melee'ing larger health pool enemies while other enemies are around (also applies to the Frenzied Blade powered melee ability).

How it Works

The Strangler Strand Titan is built around Tangles. Tangles are great for area control and granting you and your allies Woven Mail. Final blows with either Grapple Melee (using the Grapple Grenade and melee'ing an enemy after) or getting a final blow on an enemy suspended by your barricade (Drengr's Lash Titan Aspect) will spawn a Tangle. Final blows on enemies that are debuffed by a Strand ability (Suspend, Unravel, or Sever) also create a Tangle.

Destroying a Tangle near allies will grant them Woven Mail while also granting you Woven Mail. Woven Mail is a protective mesh of Strand matter encased around the character's body which greatly reduces incoming damage (lasts 10 seconds). Pairing this with the Strand aspect Thread of Binding (Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail), you could theoretically have constant Woven Mail uptime. Casting your Super also grants Woven Mail for allies (Into The Fray Titan Aspect). While you have Woven Mail, your melee regeneration is increased, allowing you to use Frenzied Blade more often.

This build is also great at creating Orbs of Power!

All the ways you can generate Orbs of Power is as follows:

  • Strand Siphon - Rapid Strand Weapon final blows create Orbs of Power
  • Heavy Handed - Grapple Melee or Frenzied Blade Final Blows create Orbs of Power
  • Thread of Wisdom - Defeating suspended targets with precision final blows create Orbs of Power

Champion Stuns are as follows:

  • Unstoppable Champions - Suspending them from either a Tangle explosion or from Drengr's Lash
  • Overload Champions - Overloaded SMG/Auto Artifact Mod with Quicksilver Storm
Gameplay Loop
  1. Grapple Melee (for groups of rank-and-file enemies) or Rally Barricade (for Champions or large health pool enemies)
  2. Upon final blow from Grapple Melee or Drengr's Lash from Rally Barricade, a Tangle will spawn
  3. If more enemies are present (especially Champions or enemies with large health pools), shoot the tangle with a Strand weapon (Quicksilver Storm) to emit a devastating blast of Strand energy
  4. Kill all enemies with Quicksilver Storm (preferably with precision final blows to generate Orbs of Power from Thread of Wisdom) to build Grenade Chaser
  5. Activate the grenade launcher firing mode on Quicksilver Storm
  6. Final blows with Grenade Chaser will create a Tangle (as long as you are not a Tangle Cooldown)
  7. Repeat