Class Item

Stats Priority


Chain of CommandLegendary Machine Gun

This weapon will act as the Primary Weapon of the build!

This ritual weapon from Season of the Haunted plays VERY well with the OverSoldier primarily for the synergy between the third and fourth column traits: Osmosis & Demolitionist.

These two perks allow for rapid grenade regeneration on final blows with this weapon, allowing for multiple Devour and Volatile Rounds activations.


No Backup PlansExotic Gauntlets

These exotic gauntlets provide the OverSoldier a HUGE damage boost to all shotgun damage while having an Overshield. They can also generate an Overshield and trigger Health Regeneration on rapid shotgun final blows!

No Backup Plans also provide the OverSoldier increased reload speed and airborne effectiveness on all shotguns!

The increased reload speed alone allows for excellent shotgun DPS

How it Works

This build is EXTREMELY good at ad-clear, managing larger health pool enemies, generating Overshields, maximizing Orb of Power and grenade regeneration, and staying alive!

Using a heavy machine gun as a primary allows for great damage to minor enemies (red-bar combatants). Wielding the Chain of Command heavy machine gun while throwing your grenade will change its element from Stasis to Void due to the perk Osmosis. This interaction allows you to take advantage of the helmet mod Void Siphon to generate Orbs of Power on final blows.

Getting a final blow with your grenade will generate an Orb of Power due to the Firepower mod on your gauntlets. Picking up this Orb of Power will grant you Devour. Final blows while Devour is active will restore you to full health and refresh its timer, allowing for you to have Devour indefinitely as long as you are getting final blows on combatants. You will also be doing increased Void damage to enemies after picking up Orbs of Power due to having three Void Weapon Surge mods on your leg armor.

The grenade final blow will also grant you Volatile Rounds on your Void weapons. This is where the synergy between Osmosis on Chain of Command and Volatile Rounds comes into play. Since the machine gun is now using Void ammo, it will work with Volatile Rounds.

Defeating enemies while Devour is active grants increased grenade regeneration as well. Demolitionist on the Machine Gun will allow you to generating EVEN MORE grenade energy. This interaction sets you up nicely for re-activating Volatile Rounds on the next grenade final blow. Needing to reload your machine gun? You don't have to! Demolitionist will refill your entire magazine from reserves after throwing your next grenade.

Encountering an enemy with more health than a red-bar? No problem! Just activate your barricade to get an Overshield due to the Bastion aspect. This will grant you increased damage to all shotguns while you have an Overshield, allowing you to make quick work of those yellow-bar enemies! Your barricade is not the only way you can generate an Overshield though. Thanks to the artifact mods Unto The Breach and Protective Breach, you can generate Void Breaches from final blows on Void-Debuffed enemies and gain an Overshield from picking them up. An Overshield can also be generated from rapid shotgun final blows while No Backup Plans is equipped AND getting a final blow while your shields are depleted with the Echo of Vigilance fragment.

You can generate Void Breaches through the following ways:

  • Getting final blows on enemies with Chain of Command while its element is Void and using Volatile Rounds
  • Making an enemy Volatile with any Void ability and defeating them due to the Controlled Demolition aspect
  • Debuffing nearby enemies from the Void explosion from Destabilizing Rounds on a final blow the Ecliptic Distaff Void glaive

This build can also cover ALL CHAMPIONS due to the following interactions:

  • Volatile Rounds pierces Barrier Champion shields.
  • Conditional Finality can FREEZE and IGNITE combatants, allowing it to stagger Unstoppable Champions. Having Unstoppable Glaive this season also works for this if you do not have Conditional Finality.
  • Shield Bash suppresses targets on contact, allowing it to stun Overload Champions. Using a Void Trace Rifle for Overloads is an option as well. Hollow Denial Void Trace Rifle from Season of the Haunted is currently the only Trace Rifle in the game at the moment that can roll Repulsor Brace.
Gameplay Loop
  1. With the Chain of Command Legendary Machinegun equipped, throw your Scatter Grenade at a group of combatants
  2. Eliminate enemies with the Machine Gun
  3. For larger health pool enemies, activate your barricade to acquire an Overshield
  4. Eliminate the enemy with Conditional Finality or shotgun of choice (Same gameplay loop applies for Champions after stunning them)
  5. If out of Heavy ammo, get final blows on enemies with either special weapon, as ammo for your machinegun or heavy weapon of choice will generate more quickly
  6. If out of Special Ammo, perform the inverse of step 5