Class Item

Stats Priority


Monte CarloExotic Auto Rifle

This exotic auto rifle is perfect for melee builds! Each bullet you land on a target with the Monte Carlo grants you additional melee energy - with a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill. This synergizes perfectly with the Second Chance gauntlets that give two melee charges - allowing for constant melee ability uptime.


Second ChanceExotic Gauntlets

This Second Chance exotic gauntlets are the centerpiece of this build!

Intrinsically granting two shield charges to hurl at enemies which weaken targets on hit and can pierce the shields of Barrier Champions make these gauntlets essential for end game content.

You also gain the shield throw charge back if that charge pierces a barrier champions shield.

How it Works

The Gladiator Void Titan build is all about gaining your Shield Throw charged melee ability back as quickly as possible!

The Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle and The Second Chance exotic titan gauntlets synergize perfectly to accomplish this task.

The Controlled Demolition Void Titan aspect allows the Gladiator to makes enemies Volatile by hitting them with any Void ability. Not only will the Shield Throw melee makes them Volatile, but it will also weaken them - causing them to take more damage from all sources.

Upon defeating the weakened target, an Orb of Power AND a Void Breach will spawn at their location through the Echo of Harvest fragment - giving the Gladiator an Overshield through the Protective Breach artifact mod.

Picking up the Orb of Power will grant increased void weapon damage by having three Void Weapon Surge mods and activate Melee Kickstart for decreased cooldown for the next time a Shield Throw melee is used.

Thanks to Echo of Starvation, picking up either the Void Breach or the Orb of Power also grants Devour - allowing for increased grenade ability regeneration, instant health regeneration, and restarts the Devour timer. Echo of Persistence causes the Devour timer to last even longer.

Echo of Vigilance will grant an Overshield to the Gladiator upon a final blow while shields are depleted - allows you to get back in the fight faster!

Thanks to the Offensive Bulwark Void Titan aspect, having an Overshield grants even more reductions in grenade ability cooldown, increased melee range and damage, and extends the duration of your Overshield.

Note: While having an Overshield, melee final blows generate Orbs of Power through the Heavy Handed mod.

The Gladiator also gains increased super energy from melee final blows thanks to having two Hands On mods.

Gameplay Loop

1) Hurl your Shield Throw at enemies to weaken them and make them Volatile 2) Finish them with Monte Carlo or your void heavy weapon to gain a an Orb of Power and a Void Breach 2) Finish them with a weapon with Repulsor Brace to gain Overshield 3) Eliminate additional enemies with Monte Carlo to gain melee energy