PvE Solar Builds

Plunder's Banshee's Wail











Class Item

Stats Priority


Conditional FinalityExotic Shotgun

A very good choice for any solar build due to its freeze and ignition capabilities which perform very well against Unstoppable Champions.


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

The Synthoceps are the center piece of almost every Titan build in Destiny 2. There is no difference here. When surrounding by enemies, this exotic provides heavily increased melee damage to combatants - a great benefit to your Throwing Hammer!

How it Works

The Invictus Solar Titan build is all about getting BIG damage with your Throwing Hammer!

Throwing Hammer has A LOT of utility! The charged melee ability can generate Sunspots on final blows - which can apply Restoration when passing through them, will generate Orbs of Power due to the Heavy Handed mod, and will apply Radiant due to the fragment Ember of Torches - which will give your weapons increased damage and allow for the piercing of Barrier Champion shields. Additional Throwing Hammer final blows will refresh the Restoration timer due to the Ember of Empyrean fragment.

If you ever lose the Throwing Hammer during combat - don't worry!

Using a solar weapon with Incandescent will allow you to quickly build melee energy! Getting a final blows with a solar weapon that has Incandescent will Scorch nearby targets! Defeating those scorched targets will generate melee energy and also create a Firesprite due to the fragment Ember of Searing.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Throwing Hammer on enemies to build up to Roaring Flames x3, generate Orbs of Power, and create Sunspots
  2. Collect Orbs of Power to gain increased Solar Weapon Damage
  3. Get final blows with your solar weapons to generate Orbs of Power
  4. While having Roaring Flames x3, repeatedly throw your hammer or hit combatants with your uncharged melee to generate Orbs of Power on final blows, activate Radiant, and do up to 200% more melee damage with your hammer