FreakisFire's IGNITAN



FreakisFire's IGNITAN
FreakisFire's IGNITAN

Solar Titan build for PvE by FreakisFire

PvE Solar Builds

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Class Item

Stats Priority


Conditional FinalityExotic Shotgun

This exotic shotgun really compliments the build well with how many ignitions you can pull off in rapid succession in combination with ignitions from firebolt grenades.


Hallowfire HeartExotic Chest Armor

Improves the recharge rate of your solar abilities and greatly improves the recharge rate while your super is active.

At Baseline: 75% Additional Base Grenade and Melee Regeneration Rate

With Super Charged: 350% Additional Base Grenade and Melee Regeneration Rate

This exotic really helps with firebolt grenade uptime, especially when your super is active - allowing you to ignite more targets.

How it Works

This build is very good at creating Orbs of Power and Firesprites!

Throwing Hammer creates Orbs of Power from Final Blows due to Heavy Handed.

  • Due to the Throwing Hammer's "throw and pick back up" nature, you will essentially ALWAYS have it ready. Even if you lose the hammer, you will quickly have it back due to the increase recharge rate from Hallowfire Heart!
  • Final blows from Throwing Hammer build stacks of Roaring Flames, causing you to deal more damage to enemies, allowing you to get more final blows and create more Orbs of Power.
  • Having 2x Charged Up Mods of your chest armor grants you more Armor Charge with a longer timer from 2x Time Dilation Mods on your Class Item.
  • Defeating scorched targets from either Firebolt Grenade or from Incandescent on Calus Mini Tool also grants melee ability energy and creates a Firesprite (Ember of Searing)!
  • Firesprites grant grenade energy when picked up!

Barrier Champions

  • Causing damage with your Throwing Hammer will make you and nearby allies Radiant (Ember of Torches).
  • While Radiant is active, your weapons deal increased damage to combatants and pierce the shields of Barrier Champions!
Gameplay Loop

When close to high health enemies (excluding bosses) 1. Lead in with Conditional Finality Stasis Shot (Freezing target) 2. Use Throwing Hammer to Shatter target (causing Shatter Damage, If target is an Unstoppable Champion, damage applied from Shatter will stun them!) 3. Follow up with Conditional Finality Solar Shot (Igniting the Target) 4. Make direct impact with Firebolt Grenade 5. Reload Conditional Finality and repeat the above steps or until target is defeated

When Enemies are at a distance: 1. Throw Firebolt Grenade 2. Final blows on enemies from solar abilities grant stacks of Roaring Flames, allowing your Solar abilities to deal more damage (Stacks up to 3x). 3. Final blows from Firebolt Grenade and Throwing Hammer create Sunspots - granting you Restoration! 4. Extend Restoration indefinitely by defeating targets with Solar Weapons and/or abilities (Ember of Empyrean).