Class Item

Stats Priority


Quicksilver StormExotic Auto Rifle

Tangles are created on killing a suspended enemy, and when a Strand weapon shoots a Tangle, added bonuses are applied.


Abeyant LeapExotic Leg Armor

This exotic allows Barricade to easily Suspend multiple enemies by sending more suspending lashes out which track more aggressively. When an enemy is suspended, Woven Mail is gained.

How it Works

The strongest part of Strand is the Suspend mechanic. This build has access to Suspend an enemy at enemy time. With Abeyant Leap and Drengr's Lash, Barricade will create 3 suspending lashes and track enemies further and more aggressively. Shackle Grenade will Suspend enemies on hit. Suspend is further boosted by the Thread of Continuity Fragment which makes an enemy Suspended for a comically long duration, and defeating a Suspended enemy gives class energy.

Use any source of Suspend, and kill these enemies to create a Tangle. Shoot Tangles with a Strand weapon when they are available, and utilize Barricade or Shackle Grenade to Suspend enemies when needed, as these abilities will reduce each others cooldowns from mods. Dealing damage will reduce Shackle Grenade's cooldown from Thread of Generation and defeating suspended enemies will reduce Barricade's cooldown from Thread of Continuity.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Use Barricade to Suspend multiple enemies
  2. Kill suspended enemies to create a Tangle
  3. Shoot the Tangle to create an explosion and regenerate melee energy
  4. Utilize Shackle Grenade to Suspend more enemies and regenerate Barricade if needed
  5. Repeat
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