Datto's HoIL Strand Spam



Datto's HoIL Strand Spam
Datto's HoIL Strand Spam

Strand Titan build for PvE by Datto











Class Item

Stats Priority


Quicksilver StormExotic Auto Rifle

Any Strand weapon synergizes well with Strand builds as it will activate the artifact mods Untangler and Threaded Blast from Tangles the build creates.


Heart of Inmost LightExotic Chest Armor

Frenzied Blade has 3 charges to it and HoIL will activate on all of them. HoIL gets more value out of being able to be activated more often from an increase in abilities, and the Fragments and mods which lead to those abilities being available more often.

How it Works

This build is based around two major pillars, the first being the strength of Woven Mail and the second being the amount of abilities Strand Titan has to activate Heart of Inmost Light. Woven Mail is acquired from picking up Orbs of Power created by melee or Strand weapon kills from Firepower and Siphon mods. Woven Mail gives a 60% damage reduction boost for great survivability.

In order for Heart of Inmost Light to work its best, abilities must be readily available. Strand Titans have 3 charges of Frenzied Blade which will recharge Barricade and Grapple. To get back melee energy, utilize Grapple and Barricade or deal damage with Tangles which are created when killing an enemy while Woven Mail is active from Thread of Transmutation.

The only thing to think about with this build is the upkeep of Woven Mail through the creation of Orbs of Power from Frenzied Blade, Grapple Melee, or weapon kills matching the equipped Siphon mods. From there the build plays itself as abilities are passively regenerated from Heart of Inmost Light, dealing damage, and damaging enemies with Tangles.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Melee kill an enemy via Frenzied Blade or Grapple Melee to create an Orb of Power
  2. Pick up the Orb of Power to obtain Woven Mail for a 60% damage resist as well as healing and ability energy from mods
  3. Utilize abilities when available to empower and boost the regeneration rate of each ability
  4. Destroy Tangles that are created for melee energy from Thread of Fury
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