Volatile Spectre

Volatile Spectre
Volatile Spectre

Void Hunter build for PvE











Class Item

Stats Priority


WavesplitterExotic Trace Rifle

With access to Orbs of Power and Volatile Rounds this exotic gets a damage buff and shreds everything.


Gyrfalcon's HauberkExotic Chest Armor

Gives Volatile Rounds after a Dodge, and will make the user Invisible after a kill due to its synergy with Stylish Executioner.

How it Works

Void Hunter is capable of going invisible essentially on demand. The loop of this build is started by dodge to go invisible and activate the effect of Gyrfalcon's Hauberk which will give you Volatile Rounds. Using Wavespliiter or any other Void Weapon, take advantage of the Volatile Rounds, as killing a Volatile target will activate Stylish Executioner to make you invisible and grant Truesight which lets you see enemies through walls. On top of that defeating a target will spawn an Orb of Power from Reaper, and a Void Breech from the Echo of Cessation Fragment.

Picking up an Orb will grant Devour, give Wavesplitter its max damage buff, and heal you. The duration of invisibility and Devour are extended with the Echo of Persistence Fragment. The last bit of the build to take note of is its ability to weaken enemies. This can be done by hitting an enemy with Super an enemy, throwing Smoke Bomb at a target, throwing a Grenade at a target, or hitting a target with a melee after activating Stylish Executioner. Shadowshot is one of the few sources of a 30% weaken debuff, making it a great tool for dealing boss damage.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge to go Invisible and gain Volatile Rounds
  2. Kill an enemy with a Void Weapon to make enemies Volatile, go Invisible, make a Void Breech, and at least one Orb of Power
  3. Pick up a Void Breech or Orb of Power to get Devour
  4. Kills with Void Weapons will Heal, spread Volatile, and make you Invisible
  5. Weaken enemies through melee or Scatter Grenade
  6. Dodge if you no longer have Volatile Rounds to regain them