Spider Trap

Spider Trap
Spider Trap

Strand Hunter build for PvP

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Spider Trap











Class Item

Stats Priority


The ImmortalLegendary Submachine Gun

Weapons are entirely preference, be sure to match Targeting, Unflinching, and Loader mods with the element of the weapons you use.


The BombardiersExotic Leg Armor

After dodging, these boots will leave behind an explosive alongside the decoy created from Threaded Specter. The explosive damage in combination with the decoy damage is enough to one-shot a guardian. If an enemy is not killed by this combination, the explosive from Bombardiers will Sever them, making them deal less damage.

How it Works

The set up of this build is to one-shot enemies by setting up a decoy and explosive after dodging. The Threaded Specter Aspect creates a decoy after dodging that deals damage and unleashes Threadlings on a nearby enemy. These Threadlings are buffed by the Thread of Evolution Fragment to deal more damage and track more aggressively. The explosive is left over from the Bombardiers exotic boots. The explosive damages and Severs enemies. The damage from both the explosive and decoy combined is enough to one-shot an enemy in the Crucible.

There are few ways to more consistently get this one-shot off by closing the gap on an enemy or baiting them into the trap. Grapple and Widow's Silk are used in the build to quickly traverse the map, and get up close to an enemy where you can melee mid air then instantly dodge when you touch the ground to lay the trap. The other means is baiting the enemy by placing the decoy around a corner as an enemy is far more likely to round a corner into the decoy as opposed to being hit by it in the open.

The decoy can also be used in chokepoints and for objectives. Set up the decoy in those areas to zone them off, and force an enemy to destroy the decoy, and unleash Threadlings on themself or to run into it and take immediate damage.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Dodge near an enemy or around a corner to bait them into your created clone
  2. The enemy will die outright or finish them off with a weapon to create an Orb of Power from the Reaper mod
  3. Collect the Orb of Power for class ability energy and Woven Mail