Class Item

Stats Priority


FunnelwebLegendary Submachine Gun

Any Void weapon in this slot is sufficient in order for it to utilize Volatile Rounds.


Gyrfalcon's HauberkExotic Chest Armor

Void weapons gain Volatile Rounds after coming out of invisibility. If you are invisible and finish an enemy you will also be granted a weapon damage boost. On top of the damage boost, you and your teammates will gain reserved Overshields (that can be used when using a class ability) and increased class ability recharge rate.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have permanent Volatile Rounds and the ability to weaken things when needed.

Starting off you will want to use Vanishing Step or Stylish Executioner to go invisible. Coming out of that invisibility will proc Volatile Rounds on your void weapons because of Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. The Volatile Rounds will proc Stylish Executioner to permanently keep your Volatile Rounds up.

Void Siphon and Firepower will give you a way to make Orbs of Power. Picking up these orbs will grant you devour because of the fragment echo of starvation. Devour will heal you to full and give you some grenade energy on every kill. Echo of cessation will also spawn void breaches on volatile target kills which can also proc devour with the echo of starvation fragment. Finally echo of remnants will make your Vortex Grenade last longer and echo of undermining will let your grenade weaken enemy alongside your melee. Your super can be used for major ad clear, champions, or boss dps.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Go invisible with either of your aspects
  2. Emerge to grant your weapons Volatile Rounds
  3. Make Orbs of Power and Void Breaches to proc devour
  4. Keep slaying out to proc Stylish Executioner repeatedly
  5. Throw grenades where you see fit
  6. Apply weaken via melee where you see fit
  7. Use super for major ad clear or boss dps
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