Rest's Marskman Mayhem



Rest's Marskman Mayhem
Rest's Marskman Mayhem

Solar Hunter build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item

Stats Priority


Bad JujuExotic Pulse Rifle

Grants bonus super energy on kills and pairs with kinetic surge mods.


Star-Eater ScalesExotic Leg Armor

Grant bonus super energy on orb of power pick up. Also grants a stack of feast of light that can max out at 4. This will grant bonus super damage alongside healing you and providing an overshield.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to have as much uptime you can on golden gun alongside having a massive damage increase.

You can achieve this with both of your exotics granting you extra super energy. Star-Eater Scales will grant extra super on orb of power pick up and Bad JuJu will grant extra super on getting kills with the weapon. Bad JuJu can even make orbs with the mod kinetic siphon for even more super energy. Your melee knife trick will also make orbs and provide more super energy with the mod hands-on. Knife trick will have no cooldown because of the aspect knock ‘em down which will refill your cooldown on melee kills while radiant. To be radiant the fragment ember of torches will help because getting a melee hit will make you and your allies radiant.

Radiant is a buff that will give all your weapons a damage increase but it will also apply to your golden gun. On top of that kinetic weapon surge will also apply to your golden gun. With both of those combined with your exotic, your golden gun is able to pump out some massive damage.

Other fun things in the build are gunpowder gamble so you can throw a huge grenade from time to time and healing grenade to help with survivability. Ember of singeing will help keep your class ability up so your melee isn’t the only one getting love. Ember of empyrean will let you keep that restoration up from your healing grenade on solar kills.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills with knife trick to get radiant and make orbs of power
  2. Get kills with Bad JuJu to grant super energy
  3. Use golden gun with x4 feast of light, x3 kinetic weapon surge, and radiant
  4. Simply repeat by just slaying out and getting a ton of super energy
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